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Happy Easter from the staff at St Peter’s

National Day of Reflection – COVID-19

Tuesday 23rd March 2021 this week saw pupils and staff at St Peter’s pause as part of their daily worship to reflect on the past year in the context of the Covid-19 global pandemic.  Monday 23rd March 2020 was the first day of enforced partial school closure – 26 pupils attended school on site that day.  Since then, so much has changed, and been learnt by all, in the world of education, but the relentless march forward was paused to take time to reflect on the human cost of the last 12 months.  Using a range of age-appropriate resources, and still in classes and year bubbles as group social distancing still applies in school, teachers drew the pupils together to reflect, pray and remember.  A key feature was the strength that comes from communities in times of challenge, expressed in the following prayer that was shared with the children in their reflection:

Loving God, 
You place us in families and communities, and we give you thanks for all those around us who serve us and help us in so many ways. Give wisdom to community leaders, to our schools, hospitals, care homes and other agencies who make a difference to our lives. Help each of us to have the courage to reach out with thanks and kindness to those around us and to speak words of faith as we share the good news of your love.

Mr R Cunningham

Spring is in the air

There is a definite feeling of spring in the air at St Peter’s.  The glorious yellow daffodils which have burst open in the school grounds have clearly provided inside inspiration for our wall displays.

Year 1 have used a watering can to ‘Pour out the prayers’ (James 5) and a bag of seed to ‘Feed on God’s word’ (2 Timothy 2-15) in their wall display to show how they can grow in Christ likes the sunflower and vines either side of the pictures.

In the library, meanwhile, for those days when March seems more wintery than winter and April showers beckon, there are suggested reads for all ages to ‘Spring into a good book’.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Mr R Cunningham

Here we go again – once again!

At last, it’s all systems go once again at St Peter’s with a full return to on-site learning for all pupils this week.

I must start, though, with a great vote of thanks and gratitude to all you parents and carers who have made learning possible over these past 8 weeks of term.  No two families’ experiences have been the same, but for all of you, whether it was full-time home learning, blended learning of part-school and part-home, or your children attending full time in a very different school atmosphere, “THANK YOU!”  To paraphrase a popular saying, “It takes a village to raise a child, but a vineyard to home-school one!”.  Thank goodness it’s Friday.

Back to the start of the week, and the children just kept on arriving for the morning drop-off of Monday 8th March, and by 9:00am 430 pupils were settled down to classroom learning with their teachers once again.  The curriculum, thanks to teacher planning and remote resourcing, has seamlessly got back underway in school, and here’s a little flavour of what the children have been learning this week.  Early Years have been finding out all about the springtime, and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of eggs and an incubator to wait patiently for hatching chicks.  Year 1 children are ‘Going on a bear hunt’ for their English topic, whilst Year 2 are setting off to find out about life on the Titanic.  Year 3 are building empires through their study on the Romans, with the lives of the gladiators and Roman toilets featuring as early favourite topics, whilst year 4 are doing volcanoes and the human digestive system at the same time – I wonder which will make more rumblings?  Year 5 are concluding studies in 2 subjects, space for science and crime and punishment through the ages for History, whilst Year 6 are trekking out to Nepal and the Himalayas for Geography, combined with a study of Buddhism for their multi-cultural topic.

Please don’t forget the need to keep your distance from one another on the school site during drop-off times and especially at end of the day pick-up times whilst waiting to access both playgrounds.  And a real plea for all adults accessing the school site to wear a face covering, for the sake of other adults and our staff, as we do in shops and on public transport.

And finally, even with the children back in school, we are still producing two collective worship videos a week for use in class during Lent.  This coming week, with the kind hosting of Fr Daniel Agber, we are broadcasting from the parish of St Edmund’s in Horndean.

Monday 15th March Key Stage 2
Monday 15th March Key Stage 1


Mr R Cunningham

Rise and shine – and back to school!

Hello to all the pupils at St Peter’s.

Slowly but surely the spring flowers are starting to make their appearance, just in time to welcome back your bright and smiling faces on Monday 8th March.

I am sure you will outshine even these beautiful blooms, and we all can’t wait to welcome you back to school on Monday.

Stay safe, have a lovely weekend, and we’ll see you soon at school!

Mr Cunningham and all the St Peter’s staff

Mr R Cunningham