From the virtual to the real world

I never thought it would come to this – tuning into BBC Parliament at 3:30pm on a Monday afternoon, 22nd February to be precise, to listen to a Prime Ministerial statement.  And then as for cheering when he announced the full re-opening of all schools with effect from Monday 8th March, well, I really truly honestly never thought it would come to that!  Information on the return to St Peter’s for all pupils on Monday 8th March will be shared is a separate letter, and we can’t wait to welcome the children back to school.

During this week, all staff at St Peter’s received refresher training on cyber-safety and the many potential pitfalls of the on-line world for children that go hand in hand with the benefits of the internet.  The training was delivered by our on-line safety consultant Lee Haywood, and he will be available for parent consultations during our remote parents’ evenings of 21st and 28th April – booking details to follow in early March.

For now, though, here is a link to Lee’s company website Parent Zone, which will be of interest to all families with children and teenagers at home:

Mr R Cunningham

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