Bright and bold!

Things went a little bit technicolour this week at St Peter’s.  On Monday 16th November, as part of a national anti-bullying initiative, pupils and staff took part in the annual national ‘odd socks day’.  This launched a two-week period in which teaching and learning at St Peter’s stresses even more than usual the fact that bullying has not place in our school, our communities or our lives.  Inclusion and equality are key elements in all that we do at the school, and pupils are regularly made aware that diversity makes us stronger together, rather than setting us apart from one another.

The following day, pupils in Year 4 had their ‘Heads Up for Guide Dogs’ day.  This was a deep learning day on the training and work of assistance dogs for those with restricted or no sight, and to mark the even children wore bright head gear or even (temporarily!) coloured their hair in return for a financial donation.  The year group managed to raise over £40:00 to fund the training of a guide dog in the future.  Well done to all of the pupils who took part in these initiatives, and thank you to the staff for organising and taking part.  My personal thanks also goes to Kiwi Parade Gloss for the shine on my shoes!

Mr R Cunningham

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