VE Day

In recent weeks I have seen the following quote of Lenin’s used in a variety of places; “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”.  Were he alive today, Lenin may add to that in commenting that there are weeks that simply feel like decades even when nothing happens!  This week saw the convergence of two major national efforts in the marking of the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day during a time of national coronavirus lockdown – I think the repercussions of the latter will last for decades even if it is not marked by a 75th Anniversary.  Even during enforced school closure, St Peter’s have managed to contribute to commemoration events at the naval Base in Portsmouth.  Responding to a request from the Naval Base Visits Officer, the pupils rallied round at home and in school to produce artwork for display inspired by the events of May 1945.  A selection of these can be seen on our art blog via  After being displayed at the naval Base, the art work and photos taken from our Year 5 annual World War 2 day will be shared out to local care homes to brighten up the commemorations of our older community neighbours.

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Below are pictures of some of the VE Day activities that pupils enjoyed on Friday 8 May 2020




Mr R Cunningham

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