Hooray Hooray, the 1st May!

Hello everyone – and a Happy May Day to you all!

Well, sadly no dancing around the maypole for us this morning, but just in case you have not seen it yet, this should put a smile on your face:


Since school closure, colleagues at St Peter’s have been busy writing ‘end of year’ reports.  I decided to bring this process forward several weeks in order to capture at the point of school closure exactly what the pupils had achieved, and have a good record of their successes in school between September and March.  Over the first 2 weeks of May, these will be e-mailed out to families.  This will be a slower process than just sending out a blanket parent mail, as each child will need an individual e-mail sent to their parents or carers, so please do not be concerned if there is a gap of several days between you receiving reports of two of your children who may be in different year groups.  A cover letter will be sent in one go to all families which gives more detail on the report writing process and how these will be use when we resume regular school life.  If English is not your mother tongue and you need any support with the cover letter or the report itself, please contact the school office who will put you in touch with Miss Atkins, our school lead for English as an Additional Language.

As is now usual, please see below links for a Sunday Liturgy and Daily Prayers throughout the week:



With every best wish to you and all of your families.  And as it says in the You Tube video (and as us Liverpool fans have been saying for quite a few years of glory now), “You’ll never walk alone”.

Mr R Cunningham

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