Our staff briefing prayer for 31st January 2020

Father of mankind, Lord of history, bringer of peace,
watch over Europe, the whole of Europe, all of her nations.
Europe to whom you have sent philosophers, legislators, wise people,
forerunners in faith of your Son, who has died and has risen again

Watch over these peoples, evangelised by Peter and Paul,
by the prophets, by the monks, by the saints;
blessed by the work of the humble,
and touched by the voice of the reformers.

Watch over the peoples united by so many ties
but also divided, over time, by hatred and war.
Help us in working for a Europe of the Spirit
founded not only on economic agreements,
but also on human and eternal values.

A Europe capable of ethnic and ecumenical reconciliations,
ready to welcome the stranger, respectful of each person’s dignity.
Grant that we assume our duty with hope
to inspire and promote an understanding among peoples
which ensures in all the continents justice and bread,
freedom and peace for all of your people.

Adapted from a prayer by Card. Carlo Maria Martini

Mr R Cunningham

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