Kind donations to global seafarers

This afternoon we were able to hand over the fruits of your generosity.  Mr Patrick Binks and Fr John Lavers joined us for an assembly in which we donated our collection for the Apostleship of the Sea.  The assembly had, as you would expect at this time of year, a focus on Remembrance.  Particular attention was drawn to the service of seafaring personnel and members of the merchant marine who kept Britain safe and supplied during the two great global conflicts of the twentieth century, and to the many millions of service personal from 46 countries around the world who joined the UK in fighting tyranny and oppression.  We then noted how still today we rely on the service of the Royal Navy to protect shipping globally, and the work done by seafarers from foreign lands to provide us with food from around the world.  The donations will go to form Christmas care packages for sailors arriving in Portsmouth over the coming months.

Great thanks go to you and your families for their generous donations, and to Mrs Wilson for leading the campaign and coordinating the collections.

Mr R Cunningham



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