Outstanding in our field

The school field has been the site of 4 major events in the last fortnight, showing that our resources at St Peter’s are never under used.  On 21st June, we had our Countries of the World Carnival, the 28th June we held St Peter’s Fest, then our belated Sports Day on 1st July, and most recently on Friday 5th July the Year 4 Camp.

52 pupils and over a dozen staff enjoyed a wonderful evening of games, challenges, fish and chips and marshmallow ‘smores’.  For some pupils it was their first night under canvas, for others their first time staying away from home without a family member.  All the children had a great time, and some of them even had some sleep – until sunrise at about 5:00am!

We are grateful to the many families who put up and took down tents for the children, and for offering their camping equipment for the benefit of the Year 4 classes.  I must thank all the staff who contributed in so many ways to the event, and especially Ms Stapley and Miss Burch who piloted the whole organisation of the camp and led the team of staff throughout the event.

Mr R Cunningham


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