Building Delivery Cancellation

Dear Parents and Carers

The delivery of our new building has been cancelled for Friday 1st February 2019.

The company providing the building, Portakabin Refurbished Ltd, is based in Yorkshire.  This is where the building has been fitted out ready for installation. 

Portakabin have made this decision based on the forecast of poor weather moving across the country overnight, and difficult weather conditions in the north and north west of England, which could make motorway transport of a modular building even more challenging than usual.

Thank you for your help in planning for reduced traffic this Friday.  We will communicate with Portakabin today to rearrange delivery.  We will then let you know as soon as possible when we need to request from you, once again, your kind efforts to limit the number of cars coming onto the school site.

Mr R Cunningham

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