Guests galore

At St Peter’s we often play host to a range of visitors who come to work with our pupils and enhance their learning provision. This week was no exception, with 2 very different guests.

On Monday afternoon author Guy Bass came to work with pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6. Having spoken to all of the pupils in the year groups, and thoroughly entertained them with his telling of tales, Guy than had a smaller group of competition winners with whom he worked in an additional session. It is such a treat for pupils to meet the people behind the books they love, and once again Mrs Domblides our librarian delivered a great experience for the children.

On Wednesday the school was visited by Sir Robin Bosher. He came to St Peter’s to conduct an Ofsted monitoring visit, assessing the pace and impact of the progress the school has made since the last inspection in September 2017. Once again, the pupils were exemplary in their behaviour and hard work, and Sir Robin complimented the positive attitude of every pupil he spoke to during the day. In due course, Sir Robin will write a letter to the school to summarise his observations and judgements made during the visit, and this will be shared with families as soon as possible upon receipt.

Mr R Cunningham


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