Threshold Thursday at Fairthorne Manor

The sun came back for the fourth day of the year 6 Fairthorne residential and the children made the most of the sunshine by enjoying the water on stand up paddle boards. These are the latest fad in water sports, and plenty of children broke new ground, well new water really, in having a go. Children continued to develop their skills of persistence and teamwork while building crate towers, tackling Jacob’s Ladder and scaling the vertical assault courses. It has been great to see the pupil groups getting higher and moving faster on these challenges as the week progressed, reflecting the development and growing confidence of the children.
Changing the pace a little, groups of children got creative during the Land Ecology session where they used leaves, twigs and mud to create natural art. Pupils also played detectives looking for animal tracks and making bug hotels. The outside fun will continue this evening with a camp fire, hopefully with songs aplenty and endless marshmallows.
Friday morning has time for two activity rotations before packing up and heading home to St Peter’s to be ready for collection as normal at 3:15pm from the north playground. As this is the last blog from Fairthorne, I must thank Mr Pratley, Mr Land, Mrs Wibberly, Miss Stapley, Mrs King, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Jonas, Miss Burch, Mrs Knight, Mrs Moore and Miss Honeywell for giving up their time, energy and enthusiasm to organise and run this residential trip. And finally, to you all, good luck with the laundry this weekend!
Mr R Cunningham

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