Battling the elements … in Botley

It may have been rainy on Thursday, but it certainly didn’t dampen spirits as the Year 6 children took part in activities that required teamwork, perseverance and commitment. One of the activities was den building where children worked together to build a structure that would be waterproof, provide warmth and be large enough to fit the group of 5 children inside. What the pupils produced was very impressive. Children went on to develop their survival skills further by learning how to build and light fire; no easy task in the rain!

Teamwork continued with an assault course requiring balance, strength and stamina whilst listening and talking to others to complete the course as a team. The final activity, ‘camo-tracking’, encouraged the children to get nice and muddy in order to hide in the forest, playing a number of games that required the children to move stealthily through the forest area without being seen. The children embraced all the challenges with admirable persistence.

They are now getting dressed up ready for this evening’s entertainment…the disco!

Mrs L Knight
Assistant Headteacher

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