Fairthorne Fun

A blog for a Monday for a change, as Year 6 today ventured into new ground for St Peter’s in going to Fairthorne Manor near Botley for their residential. The year group were transported with bags small and large, and even very large!, to the wonderful grounds of Fairthorne Manor. Having settled into their four person shared rooms, the pupils were given a quick tour of the central site to find their bearings before a picnic lunch in the old orchard. The afternoon was spent on the main field, an enormous expanse of grass and woodland. Pupils took part in orienteering, sensory games and a blindfold woodland challenge, with much fun had by all. After a substantial dinner of chicken or veggie kebabs and cake, a fire drill was practised before heading out to the evening games. The pupils were set a series of challenges to work their way out of a jungle, using teamwork and torches to scour the area around the manor house at night time. When the time came for hot chocolate before bed, both were much needed. St Peter’s staff are spending their time supervising smaller groups of children in activities, during free time and at meal times, so future blogs will be posted well into the late evening during the week. Furthermore, Wi-Fi internet connection in the accommodation block is a challenge (I am writing this in my kitchen having returned home from Fairthorne after lights-out), so please be patient for updates.
Climbing and water activities start on Tuesday.
Mr R Cunningham

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