Wear it bright!

Well done to all the pupils who created an explosion of colour at St Peter’s today. As part of CAFOD’s Brighten up the Harvest campaign, the theme for the first of our non-uniform days this year was Wear it bright, and the children definitely didn’t disappoint. Over £400 was raised on the day, and children can keep on fundraising and donating in the month of October to support CAFOD’s good work. The efforts of CAFOD are captured in this prayer, which was offered at both staff briefing and in assembly:

God of all that is good,
you make the sun rise across the earth,
you breath wind through the fields,
you pour water from the mountains.

We hold in our hearts
the hopes and dreams of your children
who long to break free from poverty.

Move us to change our lives,
and bring the power of your love,
so that all may flourish.

Through Christ our Lord,

Mr R Cunningham

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