Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring!

Year 5 went back in time this week with a superb World War II theme day on Thursday. Arriving in period costume, the Year 5 pupils made sure that they had their gas masks and identity cards with them at all times throughout the day. The Golden Key celebration assembly for Key Stage 2 gathered to the Dad’s Army them tune, and was dismissed to the sound of Run, Rabbit, Run. I even had a chance to revisit my former career as a history teacher and tell the Year 5s about my link to the Second War. My grandfather Sub-Lt T Cunningham served in the RNVR, and is buried in the smallest Commonwealth War Graves cemetery in the world on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina following the sinking of HMS Bedfordshire on 11th May 1942 when struck by a torpedo from the German submarine U-558. For lunch, still in the Blitz spirit, it was corned beef hash all round, and massive thanks to Mrs Gray who prepared and served lunch in period and patriotic costume. The Year 5 blog will have further tales of the day and photos aplenty. Thank you to the year 5 staff team who put such hard work into preparing the day for the pupils.

We had our first year group Liturgy of the school year on Tuesday, celebrated by pupils in Year 2. It was, as ever, lovely to welcome several generations of families into the school to worship with the pupils and get a taste of their learning in RE.

Mr R Cunningham


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