A glowing report

On Tuesday this week we received the final report of our Section 48 Validation, a process by which faith schools are assessed on the quality of their RE teaching and the spiritual and moral ethos of the school.

The opening line of the report sets the tone for the whole document,

St Peter’s is a school where the whole community explicitly strive to “walk hand in hand with God”.  The mission statement, which is known and understood by all in the school community, plays a central part in the life of the school.

I must thank and praise all of the school staff who work so hard each day in educating the children in school. The full report can be read via the link below, and is worthy of sharing with friends and family to spread the word of what St Peter’s is all about.


Needless to say, I am exceptionally proud of the St Peter’s pupils, who are the greatest ambassadors of good behaviour and positive learning that a school could hope to have.

Mr R Cunningham




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