Order! Order! Anchors aweigh!

A very exciting time for pupils in Years 6 and 4 this week, as both year groups had off site visits which had added real enrichment to their learning.

Year 6 went to Westminster for a visit on Thursday. Having been captivated by the campaign against plastics as part of an English topic, and writing to Mrs May in the process, the pupils suggested a trip to the Houses of Parliament. This led on nicely from the recent visit to school by our local MP Alan Mak, who himself took time to welcome our pupils to his place of work. The pupils took place in a government workshop, and witnessed both the lower and upper Houses of Parliament in session. Many thanks to the Year 6 team of staff who organised this trip.

Year 4 stayed closer to home on Friday, and instead covered a distance over time rather than space. The pupils went to visit the Mary Rose exhibition hall in the Historic Dockyard. This is now a truly awe inspiring visit, one guaranteed to send chills up the spine as you walk amongst the artefacts in the heart of the vessel. The pupils’ workshop was called ‘Henry’s Heroes’, and looked at the different experience of a range of crew members on board the vessel on its ill-fated last voyage. Thank you to the staff and helpers who made this memorable trip possible.

Mr R Cunningham


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