A full time short week

As usual following a Bank Holiday, we have managed to squeeze 5 days’ work into 4 at St Peter’s.  Whole school worship was moved to Tuesday, and Year 1 hosted a Liturgy in which they expertly re-enacted the entire Easter story.  Coming just before the Feast of the Ascension, it was a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the Passion and Resurrection of Christ before the Church returns to Ordinary Time.  Thank you to the Year 1 staff for preparing the children, to the families who attended, and to Monsignor Jeremy who joined the children.

Pupils in Year 2 have been working very hard all week their end of Key Stage SATs, which are referred to as ‘quizzes’!  The children have not been fazed at all by these, and the Year 2 staff team have worked wonders in energising and encouraging the pupils so that they show the full extent of their learning and skills.  It is the turn of Year 6 next week to complete their SATs from Monday to Thursday.  They too have worked exceptionally hard for these, and their teachers have prepared them in the best possible way.  My advice for the weekend would be that rest and relaxation is just as important as revision when done in the correct amounts before any tests.

Mr R Cunningham



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