Pupil praise

Let’s face it; we all have those weekly tasks that need to be done no matter what else is going on. The laundry, the shopping, cleaning out the cat litter (okay, I buy the cat litter, but the cleaning is sub-contracted to the children!). We tend to think of these tasks as laborious, and would not want to add to them. However, one of the weekly tasks which I did add to my list in January, and which is far from a burden, is signing the praise letters which are sent home each week. Every Wednesday and Thursday, I sign letters to the families of the children who have received the weekly Golden Leaf and Showstopper Writing awards, and once a month the Mathemagician award. It is a wonderful way for me to keep in touch with the pupils’ achievements, be they academic or pastoral, and allows me to raise the award in conversation the next time I see one of the children. I have had great feedback also on children’s excitement of getting a real letter through the post, and it also keeps families informed if children forget at the end of a busy day what they received in assembly 6 hours previously. Well done to all those children who have received awards and letters so far in 2018, and keep checking the post for the rest of this term.

Mr R Cunningham


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