And the winners are … US!

Very well done to the Year 5 Prayer Garden team.  On Thursday, 12 pupils from Year 5 took part in a Dragons’ Den style competition to bid for a grant to create our new prayer garden.  The plan is to create a space for worship, reflection and religious teaching in the middle of the school, using the L-shaped courtyard, so that our faith can be seen as visibly central to our community.  The high quality presentation secured a £400 grant for our project.

The presenting team was just a selection of the excellent pupil work that has gone into this project in recent months, led by Mrs Turner and Mrs Edge, and comprising a much larger group of children.  The presentation will be made in the summer term to Governors and the Friends of St Peter’s to boost the funds, and we hope to present to parishes at the end of weekend masses in due course.

All the pupils involved in the project were celebrated in front of the whole school during assembly this morning, and we look forward to seeing the project come to fruition.

The Year 5 Prayer Garden Team Presenting

Bishop Phillip providing valuable feedback

The Team, the Bishop and the cheque!

And, as spring starts to appear, some memories of a snowy school from March 2018


The courtyard where the Year 5 plan to create our Prayer Garden

The Year R garden

Too snowy for climbing and sliding!

Mr R Cunningham



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