Younger pupils take the lead

Year 2 provided the spiritual highlight of the week with a calming and reflective liturgy on their Lenten promises. Through Scripture readings and acting, the pupils reminded us of how Jesus resisted the temptations of the Devil before beginning his public ministry. After the children shared some of their Lenten promises, the adults were invited to commit a promise of their own to paper. Amazingly, with over 60 children and about the same number of adults in the room, the Year 2 pupils gave us 25 minutes of prayer, song and worship which served as a peaceful oasis in the midst of a busy week. Well done and thank you to all of the pupils and staff involved.

This week has been especially busy for the younger pupils in our school. Year R trekked off to Staunton Country Park Farm, and managed to come back without any extra animals or too much mud. Extra animals, you ask? Well, the population of Year R grew by 9 this week with the annual hatching of the chicks. A selection of pupils from Year 1 took part in a locally organised racquet skills competition with other primary schools, and lobbed, volleyed and smashed their way to first place. Well done! Year 2 had two great curriculum enrichment visits in the form of guest speakers: Mrs Sumba from Year 3 spoke to the pupils about her experiences in Kenya to help with their ‘Where in the world?’ topic, and the Head of History from Oaklands, Mrs Cunningham, spoke to the pupils about what makes for good historical enquiry and writing when she gave the pupils feedback on their Titanic diaries.

I will sign off, however, by reserving judgement on whether it will be a Happy St Patrick’s Day this weekend until I see how the English rugby team get on at Twickenham on Saturday afternoon!

Mr R Cunningham


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