Sailing to new horizons

The week had an exciting start for Year 2 pupils who set off for SeaCity Museum in Southampton on Monday as part of their learning on the Titanic. The pupils were shown, with the use of an ice cube tray, just how little water it took to tip the vessel beyond the point of no return once it had struck the iceberg and started to take on water on that fateful night in 1912. Pupils also did work looking at the different age ranges of the passengers on board, and then lined up to work as stokers in order to keep furnaces well fed for the steam powered propellers to work effectively. A great learning experience was had by all, and my thanks go to the staff for arranging the visit and to the many parents who volunteered their time to accompany the pupils on the trip.

In school, work has begun on a major mural project which will involve every pupil and member of staff contributing to collages which will reflect scenes from the life of Christ. As this project takes shape, we will give regular updates in advance of a grand launch in the summer term.

Mr R Cunningham


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