Contrasting experiences

The school hall hosted two very different events today, which represented the diversity of experience that children have here at St Peter’s. Friday 10 November started with Mr Crozier leading a whole school assembly on Remembrance. Knowing that so many of our children who are in uniformed clubs outside of school, such as the Cubs and Brownies, will be taking part in Remembrance Parades this weekend, the assembly was a great chance for the pupils to be reminded of the historic origins of our national acts of Remembrance. Other children will doubtless pause before sports matches they are playing in at the weekend, whilst church services in our area will have some form of dedication to the fallen. At school, we will complete our tribute to the Glorious Dead, as is written on the Cenotaph in Whitehall, with a whole school service of Remembrance and worship on Monday 13 November.

Then, in stark contrast, we had a return visit from The 2 Steves, authors Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore. Thanks to arrangements made by the wonderful school librarian Mrs D, The 2 Steves worked with a range of children to bring storytelling and madcap adventures to life. I would strongly recommend a visit to their website for anyone looking to buy early Christmas presents which children will love reading on Boxing Day morning, just when you need peace and quiet the most!

Mr R Cunningham


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