Age of extremes, extremes of ages.

This week at St Peter’s I have seen education at both ends of the age spectrum.

No sooner have we settled into the new school year, than we are holding open mornings for the next Reception Year intake for September 2018. It is always delightful to see new families visiting the school for the first time, many of them bringing their nursery age children to get a taste of ‘big’ school and what their future holds.

At the other end of the scale, Year 5 received a visit from a great great grandmother of one of the pupils, a lady who has just turned 100 years old. For me, this means that she was born just weeks before the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (I’m still an historian at heart), but her visit to Year 5 was to regale the pupils with stories of her experiences during the Second World War.

Both of these events show how St Peter’s continues to work to celebrate the diversity of society, and bring to our pupils the full range of life experiences.

Mr R Cunningham


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