Testing times

The time has inevitably come upon us, as it does in every academic year, for national tests and exams to take place for pupils across the country.  The rights and wrongs, and the means and methods, of the tests are a matter of constant debate amongst teaching professionals, families and politicians.  It is a debate that is so well fuelled that thankfully I feel neither the need nor the desire to add to it here, you’ll be glad to know!

Instead, it is time to reflect upon the hard work of our pupils in Years 2 and 6 over the whole school year.  A focus upon the children’s commitment to learning and the rates of personal progress that each child has made will lead us to the real value of their academic education at St Peter’s.  Add to this the depth and richness of the education at St Peter’s that simply cannot be measured in a test paper, such as the spiritual, social and moral formation that the children receive, and we are coming closer to appreciating the true worth of their experience in these most precious school years.  Furthermore, the dedication and professionalism of the staff at the school is worthy of praise.  I am always impressed with the imagination, enthusiasm and attention to pupils’ individual needs that marks out the St Peter’s staff as a cut above the rest.

So, at the end of a short week, where in truth we all just squeeze five days’ work into four days, our Year 6 pupils have a final weekend before their SATs.  My message, as it always has been to pupils preparing for tests, is that meaningful rest and relaxation is just as important as hard work and revision, as long as both are done in sensible and beneficial amounts.  Take some time to revise and focus on areas that may still give cause for concern, but also spend time at leisure with family and friends, as they will be around long after any SATs exam has faded into distant memory.

Mr R Cunningham



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