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A burst of colour

Thank you to all of the children (and families behind the scenes!) for coming to school today in such bright and varied outfits.  Having reflected prayerfully this week on the pain and emotion of the events at the Manchester Arena on Monday night, this morning’s assembly was a celebration of life, colour and diversity.  All the colours of the rainbow, and more, were on display both in my assembly presentation and in the children’s clothing, and the Year 3 recorder group played a piece of music which demonstrated how unity and cooperation can make every individual feel braver in the face of a challenge.

Once again, we used the following prayer in class worship this week; you may find this helpful if your children want to continue to offer spiritual support to those affected by the Manchester attack.

Let us pray…
For the people who died in Manchester on Monday
For the people who were hurt in Manchester
For the friends and families of all of the victims
For the brave people who helped at the scene
For the loving people who are caring for the victims
For peace in our lives, our country and our world
We make this prayer together in the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Please also see a link to the BBC about how to address matters with children, which you may find useful.

And finally, please follow a link from Tuesday’s Diocesan e-newsletter to read Bishop Philip’s letter to the Bishop of Salford, Bishop John Arnold.

Wishing you all a restful and peaceful half term holiday

Mr R Cunningham


Great memories

This week at St Peter’s has been full of memorable moments that make up school life.

The week ended with one of those memory making moments when class photographs were taken.  Everyone says that your school years are the best of your life, and whilst those pupils who have taken tests recently may temporarily disagree with this, the photos taken today will allow the children to look back on their teachers and classmates with fond recollections.  Photo proofs and order details will follow in due course.

Year 1 pupils had their first major trip of the year with an adventure at Marwell zoo.  The chance to explore the park with classmates, to take part in a ‘Fur, feathers and fins’ workshop, and to get more enjoyment out of a 30 minute coach ride than would seem reasonable, all made for a great day of off-site learning.  Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who made this possible.

Not to be left out, the Friends of St Peter’s hosted a great Karaoke evening last Friday night, and are gearing up for their main fundraiser of the year with a Wild West themed St Peter’s Fest.  The event takes place from 5:30pm to 8:00pm on Friday 9th June, with a special guest appearance from ‘Taylor Swift’ to add some country music flavour to the evening.  Next Friday, 26th May, is a non-uniform day for the children, with the request that each brings in a bottle for the tombola as a means of raising plenty for school funds.

And finally, congratulations to our colleague Mrs Stewart and her husband, who had the memorable experience of the arrival of their first child, a daughter named Caitlin May, last Friday night.

Mr R Cunningham


Summer peeks through

At last, it may, just possibly, finally be appearing.  This week the children at St Peter’s have, both in their free time and lessons, been able to enjoy better weather for their outdoor play and learning.  Of course, those in the teaching profession always know exactly when summer will arrive – at the very time in the school year when many pupils are stuck indoors revising and sitting tests.  So well done to our Year 6 pupils who conducted themselves in an exemplary and mature manner through their SATs this week.  These pupils more than most should enjoy any good weather and generous family treats (hint hint parents) that may come along this weekend.

The work is not over, though, as Year 6 will continue to produce, review, edit and hone their written work to submit for moderation in mid-June, and Year 2 pupils will have more SATs during the coming week, so do please keep all of these pupils in your prayers.

Well done to six pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 who took part in Crookhorn School’s Press Gang challenge on Friday 5 May.  They performed exceptionally well to research stories and produce new articles under strict time pressures in competition with other local primary schools, and the certificates with which they were presented will be handed out in an up-coming assembly.

Mr R Cunningham


Testing times

The time has inevitably come upon us, as it does in every academic year, for national tests and exams to take place for pupils across the country.  The rights and wrongs, and the means and methods, of the tests are a matter of constant debate amongst teaching professionals, families and politicians.  It is a debate that is so well fuelled that thankfully I feel neither the need nor the desire to add to it here, you’ll be glad to know!

Instead, it is time to reflect upon the hard work of our pupils in Years 2 and 6 over the whole school year.  A focus upon the children’s commitment to learning and the rates of personal progress that each child has made will lead us to the real value of their academic education at St Peter’s.  Add to this the depth and richness of the education at St Peter’s that simply cannot be measured in a test paper, such as the spiritual, social and moral formation that the children receive, and we are coming closer to appreciating the true worth of their experience in these most precious school years.  Furthermore, the dedication and professionalism of the staff at the school is worthy of praise.  I am always impressed with the imagination, enthusiasm and attention to pupils’ individual needs that marks out the St Peter’s staff as a cut above the rest.

So, at the end of a short week, where in truth we all just squeeze five days’ work into four days, our Year 6 pupils have a final weekend before their SATs.  My message, as it always has been to pupils preparing for tests, is that meaningful rest and relaxation is just as important as hard work and revision, as long as both are done in sensible and beneficial amounts.  Take some time to revise and focus on areas that may still give cause for concern, but also spend time at leisure with family and friends, as they will be around long after any SATs exam has faded into distant memory.

Mr R Cunningham