Spring into action

As I sat down to write this week’s blog, I was worried that Year 2 were being used as a cost-cutting alternative to grounds maintenance.  I saw the pupils scouring the grass quadrangle outside my office window picking up all manner of small greenery.  It turns out, though, that rather than being put to work by Mrs Layton and Miss Allen as human lawnmowers, the children were looking for signs of spring as part of their science work.  So with strict instructions ‘Not to pick anything in a pot that looks like it has been planted by someone!’, the pupils set out to gather daisies, light green leaves and fresh grass to take back to class for analysis.  As we progress through the rest of the term, outdoor learning will play a larger role in the Secret Garden, the grass quad and the school field, with staff making the most of the wonderful site we have here at St Peter’s.

The other sign of spring was the first of two events by The Friends of St Peter’s being hosted in school on Thursday and Friday.  On the afternoons of these days, The Friends sold lovingly made and carefully selected Mother’s Day gifts to children so as to make Sunday 26th March (write that date down, gentlemen, if you have not already done so!) that extra bit special for mum. 


Coming up very soon, on Saturday 1st April, is the second Friends spring fundraiser of the Easter Eggstravangza, taking place here in school between 1:00pm and 4:00pm.  This event combines Easter craft making and an around the grounds egg hunt to make for a fun time for all the family.  Tickets remain available with enquiries to be made at the school office.  Looking ahead still further, the St Peter’s Fest date for 2017 is Friday 9th June from 5:30pm to 8:00pm, this year with a wild west theme, and details will be published over the course of the summer term.

And of course, the final sign of spring which I am looking out for this weekend is an English victory over the Irish in Dublin to win the grand slam in the Six Nations rugby tournament.  Well, here’s hoping!

Mr R Cunningham



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