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This week started with two very long days for my teaching colleagues as Parent Consultation Evenings took place on Monday and Tuesday.  It is no mean feat to arrange over 300 family appointments over two nights, and as well as passing my thanks to the staff who worked so hard, I must also thank the parent and carer attendees who were patient when timings may have slipped and small booking mishaps occurred, which they always do no matter how tight the planning.  If any family was unable to make an appointment, or unable to attend, then please do not hesitate to contact school to arrange to meet with staff to discuss your child’s performance and progress.  Later on in the school year families will have a chance to visit classrooms and look in detail at the work that has been done in books since September, and a warm welcome is extended to all of you on these evenings.

This week has seen curriculum enrichment for the Twenty First Century as Year 5 worked on a coding session with the computing staff at Oaklands, the first of three such sessions designed to make the most of secondary school expertise and resources and deepen our pupils’ experience in new areas of learning.  As well as thanking my colleagues here who arranged this cross phase project, thanks also to Ms Crane (Head of ICT at Oaklands), Mrs Riddle and Mrs Rowsell who, along with Oaklands’ IT support team, were such great hosts to our pupils.

Fundraising for Lent continues apace, with fish related themes in some areas of the school to help CAFOD’s Little Fish into Big Fish campaign, whilst the school staff will be donating money to fund school places for children in our partner Diocese of Bamenda in Cameroon.  Well done in particular to the pupils in Year 4 who had a Dressing Up Odd day; they turned up in all sorts of crazy colours, outfits and accessories to really stand out from the crowd and raise awareness as well as money.

Mr R Cunningham


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