Advent begins in St Peter’s

If you have already read my introduction to the November newsletter, you will know that I am quite particular on distinguishing Advent and Christmas.  I almost enjoy the build up, anticipation and preparation for Christmas as much as the great festival itself.  To mark the start of Advent in school, Patrick and Isobel Flynn, our local CAFOD representatives, gave a wonderful assembly on how CAFOD World Gifts make a telling difference to the lives of those in need around the world.  The children were able to clearly see how even the smallest of donations can add up to a gift which can improve the lives of the poor, the needy and those seeking refuge from war and persecution.  CAFOD World Gift catalogues will be coming home in children’s bags should you wish to make personal purchases as part of your Christmas shopping.  Alternatively, the web-link for CAFOD World Gifts is

Children have also been asked, if possible, to bring in just a few pennies each so that class groups can try to raise enough money for a small gift which we will purchase through the school.  We are not asking for large sums of money, so please don’t break the bank, but if there is a change jar that the children can tap in to, then all contributions will be gladly received.


I must also thank the many colleagues and parent helpers who have taken children out on trips this week in all types of weather!  The support of the St Peter’s community is always valuable in adding to the education we provide for the children.

Mr R Cunningham



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