A time to remember

Today, 11th November 2016, marks Armistice Day, and I know that many St Peter’s pupils will be taking part in Remembrance events with parishes, voluntary organisations and clubs on Sunday to complement the Service of Remembrance we held here in school today.  Thanks go to Mrs Luter for the organisation of the service and especially to Mrs Knight and a Year 6 pupil who sounded the Last Post, making a great impression upon our pupils.  I used my whole school worship at the start of the week to launch our Royal British Legion fundraising in school, and given the amazing demand that led to us running out of all our poppies and related merchandise, I have requested double rations next year!  Thank you to all of the pupils who have contributed in any way to the fundraising in support of the Royal British Legion.

In keeping with remembrance, I know that many of you will have been keeping in your prayers this week the family of our Year 6 pupil involved in the traffic accident last Thursday 3rd November.  I am please to be able to inform you that the pupil, surrounded by family, cards and gifts, is making a very good recovery through the expert care of the great medical teams at Southampton General Hospital.  I have been asked by the parents to thank the St Peter’s community for their support and kindness during such a challenging week, and I was able to inform the family that Bishop Philip, whom I met today, has remembered the family in his prayers this week.  Thank you all.

Finally, and sticking with remembering the important messages of life, the children this week all had the opportunity to watch a theatrical presentation called ‘The Power of One’ to reinforce the anti-bullying message that is so important in the successful and harmonious existence of a large community.  Teasing and bullying can occur in any organisation, be that an adult workplace as well as a children’s school, so we at St Peter’s will work hard to prevent its occurrence.  However, where it may occur, children and families need to be reminded that reporting it to staff promptly is the correct thing to do, and we will work as hard as we can towards reconciliation and education for the benefit of our pupils.

Mr R Cunningham


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