Half term already?

Where have the last seven weeks gone?  The time since the early days of September has really flown by, and so much has been achieved by the pupils and staff at St Peter’s school that it is wonder to think how it all gets fitted in!

This last week has been no exception, and I am getting used to the fact that primary school pupils just never stop!  So, in the last 6 days, Year 2 pupils walked to Waterlooville to undertake History field work, Years 3 and 4 walked to The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Peter the Apostle to celebrate Mass, all the children in Years 1 to 6 had an assembly with representatives of the NSPCC, with pupils in Years 5 and 6 following these up with a dedicated hour long workshop per class, some pupils from Year 1 went with Mrs Evans to take part in a Tri-Golf festival at Horndean Technology College, and a selection of pupils from Year 2 were taken by Mrs Spicer to a football Festival at Southdowns College.  How the whole school then had enough energy to embrace the brilliant activities of 6C day I do not know, but congratulations go to the children in Year R who began the 6C day by joining in their first whole school assembly.  The pupils have certainly deserved a well earned half term rest, and I must thank all of the staff who work in any capacity at St Peter’s for making so many wonderful opportunities available to the children every single day.

I mentioned in the October Newsletter http://www.stpeterswaterlooville.co.uk/index.php/letters/newsletters/995-newsletter-october-2016/file that the school community said farewell to Mrs Diane Price after over decade of service.  I am delighted to be able to inform you that Mrs Patricia Pelling will be taking up post as the Pastoral Leader and Parent Support Worker from Monday 31st October 2016.  Mrs Pelling has a career history based in primary education and educational psychology, and will bring to the role a great range of very strong skills and attributes.  In due course she will make arrangements to introduce herself to the members of St Peter’s community, and I am sure that she will be extended the same warm welcome that I myself enjoyed in September.

I do hope that all the children and their families are able to take the opportunity of the half term break to have a well earned rest and spend some quality time in each others company, and are ready return to school at 8:50 am on Tuesday 1st November.

Enjoy the holiday!

Mr R Cunningham


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