European Day of Languages 26th September 2018

To celebrate this year’s European Day of Languages, which was created in 2001 by the Council of Europe to encourage language learning across Europe, children in Key Stage 2 have been taking part in various  activities.


Spanish for year 6 children

Starting after February half term, year 6 children will start learning Spanish at St Peter’s. At Oaklands, as in other secondary schools, children learn both French and Spanish from year 7, so we believe that starting Spanish this year will stand them in good stead.

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German club for year 4 and 5 children

German club, aimed at years 4 and 5, will continue in the Spring term every Wednesday from 3.15 till 4. It is open to children who have already attended the club in the Autumn term, but also to newcomers, as we will go over what has been learnt last term.

During the sessions, children have a lot of fun learning the basics of the German language as well as finding out about traditions from German speaking countries. We sing songs, play games, do crafts and even try German food!

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Collective worship

Starting in January, St Peter’s children will have the opportunity to learn French prayers and songs.

They will also be going on a virtual pilgrimage around some of the world’s sacred places of Catholicism, such as Lourdes or Rome.

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Meilleurs voeux!

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European Day of Languages – 26th September 2017




Every year, on the 26th September, we celebrate European Day of Languages! European Day of Languages is all about celebrating  the different languages spoken in Europe.

At St Peter’s,  lots is happening today : Children took a languages quiz this morning during register. I wonder which class will get the most correct answers!

Children have also spent time during their morning and lunch break hunting for European greetings around the school. The school has been buzzing with excitement.



Learning languages certainly is fun in our schDSCN1112ool!edl5 edl2

Year 6 ‘calligrammes’



Just before Christmas, year 6 produced some excellent ‘calligrammes’, or shape poems, using the words of a well known French Christmas song, ‘Vive le Vent’.

Well done to Onalia, Dona, Bethany and Debbie in 6T, and to Daniel, Coral, Emmanuella, Amy, Edward and Ann in 6 S for their lovely creations!

Vive le Roi! Vive la Reine!

This fortnight, the pupils of St Peter’s have been learning about how the French celebrate the Catholic festival of Epiphany.  Ask your children what it is all about … and why we have pictures of children sitting under tables on our French blog!!

Below are pictures of some of our proud year 4 and year 5 Kings and Queens. ‘Vive le Roi! Vive la Reine!’



Some of our children have also learnt a traditional seasonal nursery rhyme called ‘Jaime la galette’.

Here are the words :


La galette des Rois – Competition time!

Enjoy a bit of baking?

Why not try and make our special French Epiphany cake, la galette des Rois?

Get a grown up to help you and take a picture of you and your cake.

Print the photo and bring it to school or save it on a memory stick and I will print it for you at school. Every entry will get a little prize!

Don’t worry if you are allergic to any of the ingredients below, because you can bake a different cake which is safe for you and still enter the competition.

Bonne chance! (Good luck!)



Bonne année et bonne santé pour 2017!