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VE Day Celebrations Home Learning

Many thanks and a big well done to all the children who took part in the history home learning this week and sent me photos.

Here is the wonderful work that I would like to share with you all.

Bella in Year One worked hard to design her own medals.

Johan in Year Three read up on what it was like for the soldiers on VE Day and wrote his own incredible newspaper report on it.

Darcy in Year Two made a postcard to one of her family members to welcome them back from the war. Darcy wanted to include her great nan’s pub in the picture “The water rat pub” that she had on the Kings Road Chelsea. She has been speaking to her nan about how they celebrated people coming home and she said they used to play the piano outside pubs.

Islwyn in Year Six and Mostyn in Year Three both got into role and created this great video to show a news reporter interviewing a soldier. Here is the YouTube video link below.


Max in Year Four got into role and did a fantastic recording on what he felt when he heard the news on the end of the war.


Oliver in Year Four has completed some wonderful work on VE Day. He sewed on his own VE Day Scout badge. Oliver also made cakes and produced an interview of a soldier.

Here are Oliver’s recordings of his interview:

Phoebe in Year One drew her own medal and coloured one in.  She also watched a video clip about end of the war with Winston Churchill speech and the King and Queen coming out on the balcony at Buckingham palace.

Alfie in Year Five wrote a great newspaper article about VE Day interviewing Private Joe.

Amelia in Year One designed her own fabulous VE Day medal.

Josh in Year Six wrote his own great newspaper article.

Emeilia in Year Four wrote this fantastic newspaper report.

Reuben in Year R carefully thought about the colours he needed to use to decorate this union jack bunting.

Frankie in Year Two watched the video on the BBC website. He then coloured in this medal for all the people that went to war.

Alana in Year Four got into role and created this video interview about how she felt about the victory. She even showed some pictures of her great grandad who fought in the war.

Grace in Year R has created her own fantastic medal.

Kiean in Year R enjoyed preparing for VE Day and made some bunting using a balloon to make poppies. He made a tank using recycled boxes and toilet rolls and painted a big Union Jack poster. He enjoyed the party we had in the garden. Kiean helped to make the food for the garden party by doing a live cookery lesson to make scones and followed all the instructions.

Florence in Year R learnt all about VE Day with her family and carefully decorated this picture, sent to her by her grandad, and then joined in with a celebratory tea party at home.

Rozalia in Year R  made these wonderful medals. One is a Victory Medal and the other is a Bravery Medal.

Lucas in Year R listened to a power point all about VE Day and chose to decorate his own bunting as well as make some fantastic cakes for a tea party to celebrate.


Best regards

Mrs Conlon

Year 5 STEM day eco-houses

Thank you very much to all the parents/ grandparents who came into school on Friday 6th December, for our STEM day. The children were extremely excited to be working alongside adults and we think quite a few of the adults had a wonderful time creating too!

Here are some photos of our day and the end results.

Year 5 dive into History.

For the History deep learning day, Year 5 looked at how the role of women changed during World War II.

Exploring. Researching/ note making Written work

5E Black History Month work

At the end of the half term Year 5 looked at the life and achievements of Jesse Owens as part Black History Month. There were some very philosophical discussions, a fair bit of outrage and admiration for the man.

They were set some homework for the half term, to research a person who had links to Black History Month – Year 5 were amazing in their response. We are so proud of the research and thoughtful pieces of writing that they have produced. It’s all displayed in our shared area if you even want an interesting read!

Their homework.   Class work.

PE and Sport in-and-out of school this term!

Sports Report – Autumn term 2019

Good morning St Peter’s!

There are a lot of sporting opportunities for the children this term both in, and out of, school. We have many after-school sports clubs organised for the Autumn term and I hope your child/children are enjoying them! If you are not a part of a club, and you would like to be, please ask the school office if there are any spaces available!

After-school sports clubs

Dance Monday Year 1 – 6 3:15pm – 4:15pm
Tag rugby Tuesday Year 6 3:15pm – 4:15pm
Netball Tuesday Year 4 – 6 3:15pm – 4:00pm
Football (KS1) Wednesday Year 1 – 2 3: 30pm – 4:30pm
Cross country (Parent runners too!) Thursday Year 3 – 6 3:15pm – 4:00pm
Football (KS2) Thursday Year 3 – 6 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Hip-Hop Friday Year 1 – 6 3:15pm – 4:15pm


Havant Games Inter-school sports competitions

On top of this, St Peter’s is also taking part in a number of inter-school competitions, where they will compete against other schools in the South-East Hampshire area. See below for details:

Tournament Year groups Date
Tri-Golf 3 & 4 15.10.19
Fun-Run 3,4,5,6 17.10.19
Football Skills Festival 3,4,5,6 21.10.19
Football 2 23.10.19
Football 1 6.11.19


South-East Hants Cross Country Running League 2019 – 2020

Location – Portsdown Hill – Fridays 4:00 pm

Again this year, St Peter’s has entered a cross-country team into the South-East Hampshire running league. Children that have joined the cross country club will have the opportunity to compete against themselves and other schools in the seven races that run from September to February. These take place on Portsdown Hill on a Friday from 4:00 pm.

Please come and find me if you have any questions regarding these details.

Yours in Sport,

Mr Land

Inter-school Netball!

Good morning! A little update for the adults and children of St Peter’s.

The children of year 5 are competing against Purbrook Junior School in a Netball match on Tuesday 19th November 2019 after school!

The children have been training hard in their PE lessons and after-school club, under Coach Stapley’s critical eye! The children have been working on their specific job roles within the Netball team and they are enjoying developing their communication and teamwork skills, according to Miss Stapley!

A big thank you should go to Miss Stapley for arranging the Netball match against Purbrook and also to the Netball team that are willing to pit their skills against another team – regardless of the result, a re-match in the Spring term must be on the cards!

Good luck to year 5! Watch this space for the result!

Mr Land.

Year R History Box

Year R had a look at a history box focusing on home life within living memory. The children were exposed to language such as ‘a long time ago’,  ‘in the past’,  ‘then’,  ‘today’ and  ‘now’. They were able to talk about what objects they recognise from their grandparents homes.

They enjoyed exploring them, asking questions on how they would be used and then matched each item with the correct image of an object they would see today in their homes.

Year 4 – Arty Maths

Year 4 put their art skills to the test and created some stunning patterns on plates.

They had two rules:

  1. Their design had to have a hexagon at the centre.
  2. Their design had to have at least one line of symmetry.

Have a look at the designs below, have they all followed the rules?


There are more of the plates displayed in the hall, have a look at those and see if they followed the rules too.

Year 5 Geography work

Photos showing some of the activities we did as part of our Geography work on coastal erosion and deposition. Our thanks to Mrs Broadway, from Oaklands, who used her expert subject knowledge.

Art Year 6 ‘Seascape’

Year 6 listened to Seascape by the composer Frank Bridge and then created some inspirational artwork.

This artwork will then be displayed at Oaklands on July 13th when Havant Symphony Orchestra are performing.

Children from St Peter’s are welcome to attend the rehearsal on Saturday afternoon when they can also view the art on show.