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Chat Health-NHS advice text service

Welcome back to the new school year! I hope that you all enjoyed a restful summer break with your families.

I’m pleased to inform you all of a new service provided by the NHS school nursing team called ChatHealth 5-19 which is a text message advice line for parents of school-aged children. A text messaging service is an easy way for parents and carers to ask for help and information with a range of issues such as hearing, sleep, behaviour, transition to school.

The service is available for parents and carers with children in Hampshire schools, educational settings and, the elective home educated, to send messages to a dedicated number: 07507332417. Once received, the school nursing service will respond within one working day. ChatHealth 5-19 is available Monday to Thursday from 9 am-4.30 pm and 9 am–4 pm on Fridays (excluding bank holidays). Chat Health also has a 0-5 years text line for any queries you have about pre school age children: 07520 615 720.

Also new this school year is a website called Hampshire Healthy Families The recently launched website provides health information and advice to parents, children and, young people and schools that we hope will be of great use including interactive games for children, a mums chat forum and information about what’s on in the local community.

Happy Summer – Let’s look after ourselves…

Happy Summer Holidays!

The link below is a fantastic resource for your children to access across the summer holiday based around self-care and awareness but in the form of interactive and engaging activities to complete either independently or together with a parent or carer.

Self-care summer activity pack

It is really important, this school holiday more than ever, that you try to spend time encouraging your child or children to look after their mental health and nurturing their self-esteem and sense of self. Part of this may need to include an age appropriate discussion explaining that everyone has mental health: some people have a really positive mental health and others may struggle to maintain this and have poor mental health. We don’t need to be struggling before we decide to look after our mental health, it should be something we aim to work on little and often no matter what our state of mind and wellbeing is to be preventative rather than reactive.

If you are able to, role model the activities that encourage a positive wellbeing and good mental health yourselves. This could include physical exercise/outdoor activity, maintaining a good bedtime routine and amount of sleep, eating a balanced diet as much as possible, socialising and interacting with other people (distanced of course!), doing things for other people to boost self-esteem and knowing when to open up and ask for help or just for a listening ear.

I hope you have a wonderful summer break and make time for yourselves, your children and your mental health!

Best Wishes,

Miss Megan Chapman

FREE Zoom session with Online Safety UK

Online Safety UK are providing free online zoom sessions to support parents with a range of issues all parents are likely to face around your children’s online activity.

The next zoom session is TOMORROW – Tuesday 16th June at 10AM (lasting 45 minutes). The title for this one is:

How to start a conversation with your children about their online world

Use the link below to register yourself for this useful event:

Future sessions will be covering the following topics which I will post on the blog when they take place.

  1. Age ratings and apps/games to watch out for
  2. How to digital detox after lockdown (Adults and children)

I would love to hear from any parents that have taken part in the session to receive your feedback.

E Safety and managing screen time at home

Now more than ever, your children will be accessing devices and online interactivity for a multitude of reasons – home learning, communicating with friends and family, entertainment and streaming to name a few.

Our fab E Safety partner from Online Safety UK has shared some really informative yet concise resources that I have linked below for parents and carers to have a look at to ensure that you are up to date with the best way to do you bit to keep children safe online and managing their screen time effectively.

Balancing Screen Time

Creating a great environment to talk

FACT SHEET: Minecraft


FACT SHEET: Fortnite

Understandably, implementing screen time management during a period where you are at home more than ever is a hard task, however it will go a long way in reducing the shock of transitioning out of lockdown measures and returning to school in which ever capacity they may face in the coming weeks and months.

It is in your interest as a family wherever possible to try and keep a sense of routine and structure to your days including (but not exhaustively): home learning, outdoor time, family time, art/craft projects, reading,  screen time and talk time. For this to have effect and not become a chore to do, it is best to try and create this plan WITH your child so they feel a sense of control and ownership over their time.

Have a go at trying to plan you daily routine and make sure you are always aware of your children’s gaming, youtube and online content – good luck!

Miss Chapman

Hello from Miss Chapman

A big hello from me – Miss Chapman – in these rather unusual circumstances to be joining the St Peter’s Community! It has been lovely for me to be able to get to know some of our families who have been accessing school during the closures and I’m really looking forward to getting to know everybody else when things begin to return to normal.

A little bit about me – you may already know that I attended St. Peter’s myself as a child and I am thrilled to be able to return and be a part of the school’s community. I came from a Portsmouth school working in a similar role so I have lots of useful experience with supporting families for a variety of reasons. Outside of school, I have a little Cockapoo called Polly who I love taking to her agility club and I also help at a local Brownies on a Thursday. Please feel free to ask me about this if you have a daughter aged 7-10 as we would love to have some new recruits when the situation allows!

In light of the current environment, I have found a few useful resources for a range of purposes:

  • A child-friendly social story with activities to explain what Coronavirus is and also reassure children around their feelings about any fears they have in relation to Coronavirus; see the link below.

  • If you or somebody you know if suffering any form of domestic abuse, the link below lists multiple support services and helplines who you can reach out to.

  • Online safety and screen time is an on going issue at home during ‘normality’ so with the extra time spent indoors we recognise the battle becomes harder again. Below is a link to some fantastic resources to show you how to limit screen time and monitor usage on devices such as: iPhones, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and others.

I look forward to meeting you all in the future and remind your children how much of a positive impact they’re having by being Stay-at-Home Heroes!

Best Wishes,

Miss Chapman


Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Child and Family Support Blog! Please keep an eye out here for useful links, suggestions and articles which I will post from time to time.

With recent events in London and intense media coverage, children today are becoming  more aware of unsettled times around the globe. This can cause some anxiety and sadness and even though we will try to alleviate any worries in school, there will be times when these thoughts linger and may cause distress. Please see the advice below from CBBC Newsround team;

Mrs Pelling