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Back to Basics Campaign

In June 2020, Hampshire CAMHS published the Mental Health Resilience and Recovery Plan predicting a significant increase in the wellbeing and mental health needs of children in Hampshire.

In response to this, as a consortium of services in Havant; CAMHS, Mind, Motiv8 and Hampshire County Council came together to look at ways to support the community to build resilience around children’s wellbeing – this led to the Back to Basics Campaign.

  • B2B Campaign Aims:
    • Engaging and empowering parents and carers to be an integral part of their child’s wellbeing.
    • Enabling young people to access the right support at the right time, in the right place, with the right people (Thrive)
    • Building a more resilient community using consistent messages and simple language – a golden thread running through all services.
    • As a result of these a reduction in inappropriate referrals to specialist services such as CAMHS and Children’s Social Care.

The campaign materials and tools are easy to use and a great time to try these out is across your summer holiday. Encourage goal setting, children making positive choices for themselves and talking openly about wellbeing and physically and mentally healthy lifestyles.

Use the resources linked below and check out the summer holiday leaflet on our school Facebook page too…

Start by looking at the 5 ways to wellbeing for areas to choose goals with your child. The wellbeing tool has some useful signposting organisations for support for your child’s wellbeing and the goal setting sheets enable your child to take ownership of what they want to develop and improve. As a parent, you could complete your own alongside your child to role model the concept to them!

B2B 5 ways to wellbeing petals

B2B Prompt card

Havant Wellbeing tool 2021

B2B Goal setting sheet 1

B2B Goal setting sheet 1 EXAMPLE

B2B Goal setting option 2



Tackling fussy eaters and promoting healthy choices

In this months newsletter I will be directing parents to take a look here for inspiration around fussy eating and making healthier choices. At St. Peter’s, we have strong links with our local school nursing team who have been able to share some of their fantastic resources with me which I have attached below for all parents to make use of.

Meal times can be stressful, challenging and sometimes a chore – if this sounds familiar then the resources below will help to change this. The Dos and Don’ts of fussy eating are a great start to supporting your children in overcoming fears, refusal and those same-old

dinner ideas we all get stuck in a habit of repeating.

If you have a specific concern around eating or healthy living then don’t hesitate to give me a call at school to discuss this further or for me to put you in touch with our great school nursing team who are always happy to support and advise.

Eat a Rainbow

Fussy eating dos and donts

Heathy Eating Tips for parents

Top tips for breakfast


Healthier and Happier for 2021

Welcome back to the Summer Term of 2021!

This term, I am really keen to engage as many families as possible in trialing some lifestyle changes to boost physical activity and improve health and happiness through exercise and nutrition.

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) website has a host of resources, information and support around healthy eating and physical activity. It is recommended that children aged 5-18 need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. The table below is a great tool to show what counts as moderate or vigorous activity and provide some inspiration of how to build some of these into your day.

Additionally, I love the idea of a weekly target to keep myself motivated and on track. The Try, Swap, Change Planner linked below is a great visual to engage the whole family in a new lifestyle change each week. Pick from a range of ‘try’ ‘swap’ or ‘change’ targets and see how many days of the week you can build that into your day  – why not give it a go and ask your child/ren to pick which target to have a go at?

Try, Swap, Change Planner

Please feel free to send any photos of your family’s work towards healthier and happier lifestyles via email to so we can share your fantastic choices!

Good Luck!


The real benefits of Change4Life

Firstly, a huge welcome back to all of our pupils, we have been overwhelmed with the positivity radiating from the children and their attitude to learning and engagement at school.

Now that we hope we can see the light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel, what better time to make some small changes to improve our wellbeing, our health and our fitness. After months of being stuck at home, this first step in the direction towards normality of schools opening up seems like the ideal time to make a change to improve your children’s wellness.

Most of us have heard of Change4Life and have seen the TV adverts with the colourful characters but I’m sure not many of us have explored their website and actually taken note of what they have to offer. I myself am guilty of this so have spent some time exploring their site and all it’s features to share with you what is on offer that will most definitely engage our pupils.

Indoor activity ideas to get moving and reduce screen time reliance

There are a range of ideas for indoor activities to get the children moving and include Disney themed 10 minute shake ups. Not all of these have a video instruction but have simple step by step guides as to how to play or set up the activity. I like the sound of Zootropolis: Gazelle’s Try Everything, Beauty & the Beast: LeFou’s line up and Cars: Mater’s Tow Truck Trail.

Food Scanner app

Get the children involved in the weekly shop – it’s the highlight of many people’s week at present! – by using the food scanner app to see the sugar content of different products and see suggested sugar swaps too. It’s child friendly and interactive to make them part of the decision making.

Takeaway top tips and Fakeaway recipes

The link below includes some great tips for how to enjoy a takeaway treat but make small changes to reduce the fat or calorie content. There are also great ‘Fakeaway’ recipe ideas for those brave enough to create their own treat nights at home that are instantly healthier due to no deep frying or excess preservatives etc.

Healthier Takeaways and Ready Meals

Recipe ideas and Cook Together

Change4Life offers a free Cook Together program delivered directly to your inbox. You will receive 2 recipes a week for 4 weeks with instructions, videos and shopping lists which again is a great way to get the kids involved in what they’re eating. It is proven that this increases their interest in trying new things and being more adventurous with food.

A-Z of Sporting activities

With the world beginning to slowly open up again, you might be thinking about your children attending clubs – the Change4Life A-Z sports list not only gives you and your children inspiration of things to try but has direct links to sport sites to locate clubs in your area ranging from Athletics to Yoga and Skateboarding to Martial Arts.

It is recommended that kids should aim for 60 minutes of activity a day, try to ensure they achieve this to support them in developing healthy habits and boost their mood and wellbeing. If you would like any 1:1 support to improve your child’s health, fitness, weight or activity then please do get in touch with me as I can help directly or seek the support of our fab school nursing team.

Let’s get happy and healthy – good luck!

Megan Chapman

Online Safety App Discounted!

Our fabulous partners at Online Safety UK have provided us with a discount code that all parents are welcome to access for their amazing app. Find out more about what this can offer you below…


Lockdown January 2021

Firstly – Happy New Year! Doesn’t that feel like months ago already…

Although this may not feel like a new year just yet, it is and let’s remain positive that we can only move forward from the challenges faced so far – we’ve got this!

The below link provides some inspiration of how to engage your children at home with fun activities and games that don’t involve a screen…

Simple home activities for children and families

Of equal importance is our well-being as adults or as parents. Hampshire have produced a great overview of ways to access support, advice and services to keep ourselves in the best place mentally. Please have a read, even if you feel you are coping well, this resource can be shared with any adults so it may help you in supporting those adults around you too!

Wellbeing Guide for Adults

Best Wishes to all our St. Peter’s Community,

Megan Chapman





Tik Tok – new family pairing feature

I’m sure most of you have heard of TikTok, the social media platform which has grown in popularity over the last year or so excessively. TikTok does have a minimum user age of 13 which we of course agree is appropriate and advise that you follow, however we are aware that a lot of children do access TikTok.

With this in mind, I would like to highlight a fantastic feature called Family Pairing. TikTok joined forces with Internet Matters in their research to create and release the Family Pairing feature earlier this year. This feature lets parents link their TikTok account to their family members to enable a variety of new content and privacy settings. Implementing new features like this ensures that the app is right for the whole family.

Using the Family Pairing feature can allow parents to guide their child’s TikTok experience in a way that covers how they browse for content and how they interact with others. Some of the features include:

  • Search: Decide what can be searched for. This includes content, users, hashtags, or sounds
  • Screen Time Management: Sets how long your child can spend on TikTok each day
  • Restricted Mode: Limit the appearance of content that may be inappropriate in your child’s feed
  • Comments: Decide who can comment on videos (everyone, friends, no one)
  • Discoverability: Decide on the account being private (you decide who can see their content) or public (anyone can search and view content)
  • Liked Videos: Decide whether others can see the list of videos your teen has liked
  • Direct Messages: Turn off direct messaging completely.

If your child is just starting to experience apps such as TikTok, then using features such as Family Pairing will gradually settle them in whilst allowing you to stay in control. As well as this, it will educate and encourage the family to consider how important online safety is on social media platforms.

If you implement the feature yourself, you can remove it when you feel your child is old enough to have the full experience. They may even choose to continue using the Family Pairing feature themselves. Despite how you choose to use it, creating online safety awareness for the whole family is an important step forward in any household!

CLICK HERE for the easy steps to set up Family Pairing.

Continuing to support your children to cope with the coronavirus pandemic

The last few weeks have proved testing for a lot of us due to the second country-wide lockdown and the changes in school with Year 5 and 6 working from home. Here are a few top tips and resources for how you can support your child to comprehend and cope with the current world around them:

  • Follow your child’s lead. Some children may want to spend time talking. But if your kids don’t seem interested or don’t ask a lot of questions, that’s OK.
  • Speak calmly and reassuringly. Explain that most people who get sick feel like they have a cold or the flu. Children pick up on it when parents worry, so when you talk about coronavirus and the news, use a calm voice and try not to seem upset (even if you’re feeling it underneath!).
  • Know when they need guidance. Be aware of how your children get news and information, especially those children who go online. Point them to age-appropriate content so they don’t end up finding news shows or outlets that scare them or have incorrect information.
  • Give your child specific things to do to feel in control. Teach children that getting lots of sleep, washing their hands well and often, maintaining distancing and acting sensibly can help them stay strong and healthy. Be a good role model and let your kids see you washing your hands and socially distance often!
  • Kids and teens often worry more about family and friends than themselves. For example, if children hear that older people are more likely to be seriously ill, they might worry about their grandparents or elderly relatives. Letting them call or video chat with older relatives can help them feel reassured about loved ones.
  • Keep checking in with your child. Use talking about coronavirus as a way to help kids learn about their bodies and science but also focus on the other positive news out there, whether that be COVID related or completely separate. Finding the positives helps children to contextualise coronavirus.

Be sure to also take a look at the myriad of printable resources on the Pupil Wellbeing blog page for your child to use at home or complete with a parent or sibling to communicate how they’re feeling and manage any anxieties.


Take care and stay positive everyone!

Miss Chapman

Amazing new app!

I’m delighted to inform you of the release of the first EVER Online Safety app in the UK aimed for Parents and Educators. The app – Online Safety UK – is free to download and available for both Apple and Android devices.

The OSUK app provides access to a wide variety of resources regarding a large range of apps and games providing information, pros and cons, setting time limits, parent controls, age restrictions and hidden features etc.

Quite shockingly, a recent study (Kaspersky, 2019) found that parents only spends an average total of 43 minutes discussing online safety with their child across their entire childhood – let’s be the driving force in increasing this time and provide our children with the best knowledge and awareness of the online world when spending ever growing amounts of time engaging in it.

Local food support when you’re in need

A fantastic new food service from Growing Places, based at Mill Hill Primary on Mill Road, is now available to support families who may be struggling a little with financing food for all the family. For just £5, you can access the Community Larder, supported by FareShare, and take a large bag-for-life and fill it to the brim with food items of your choice. The flyer below details the times that the service is available on Thursdays and Saturdays. There is no need to book an appointment, simply turn up and take your pick for just £5.

We understand how many families have faced adversity and significant life changes over the course of this turbulent year so make use of the friendly, non-judgemental and welcoming support from Growing Places to alleviate some of the added pressures of life we are facing in these ever changing times.