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Back to Basics Campaign

In June 2020, Hampshire CAMHS published the Mental Health Resilience and Recovery Plan predicting a significant increase in the wellbeing and mental health needs of children in Hampshire.

In response to this, as a consortium of services in Havant; CAMHS, Mind, Motiv8 and Hampshire County Council came together to look at ways to support the community to build resilience around children’s wellbeing – this led to the Back to Basics Campaign.

  • B2B Campaign Aims:
    • Engaging and empowering parents and carers to be an integral part of their child’s wellbeing.
    • Enabling young people to access the right support at the right time, in the right place, with the right people (Thrive)
    • Building a more resilient community using consistent messages and simple language – a golden thread running through all services.
    • As a result of these a reduction in inappropriate referrals to specialist services such as CAMHS and Children’s Social Care.

The campaign materials and tools are easy to use and a great time to try these out is across your summer holiday. Encourage goal setting, children making positive choices for themselves and talking openly about wellbeing and physically and mentally healthy lifestyles.

Use the resources linked below and check out the summer holiday leaflet on our school Facebook page too…

Start by looking at the 5 ways to wellbeing for areas to choose goals with your child. The wellbeing tool has some useful signposting organisations for support for your child’s wellbeing and the goal setting sheets enable your child to take ownership of what they want to develop and improve. As a parent, you could complete your own alongside your child to role model the concept to them!

B2B 5 ways to wellbeing petals

B2B Prompt card

Havant Wellbeing tool 2021

B2B Goal setting sheet 1

B2B Goal setting sheet 1 EXAMPLE

B2B Goal setting option 2