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Tackling fussy eaters and promoting healthy choices

In this months newsletter I will be directing parents to take a look here for inspiration around fussy eating and making healthier choices. At St. Peter’s, we have strong links with our local school nursing team who have been able to share some of their fantastic resources with me which I have attached below for all parents to make use of.

Meal times can be stressful, challenging and sometimes a chore – if this sounds familiar then the resources below will help to change this. The Dos and Don’ts of fussy eating are a great start to supporting your children in overcoming fears, refusal and those same-old

dinner ideas we all get stuck in a habit of repeating.

If you have a specific concern around eating or healthy living then don’t hesitate to give me a call at school to discuss this further or for me to put you in touch with our great school nursing team who are always happy to support and advise.

Eat a Rainbow

Fussy eating dos and donts

Heathy Eating Tips for parents

Top tips for breakfast