Healthier and Happier for 2021

Welcome back to the Summer Term of 2021!

This term, I am really keen to engage as many families as possible in trialing some lifestyle changes to boost physical activity and improve health and happiness through exercise and nutrition.

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) website has a host of resources, information and support around healthy eating and physical activity. It is recommended that children aged 5-18 need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. The table below is a great tool to show what counts as moderate or vigorous activity and provide some inspiration of how to build some of these into your day.

Additionally, I love the idea of a weekly target to keep myself motivated and on track. The Try, Swap, Change Planner linked below is a great visual to engage the whole family in a new lifestyle change each week. Pick from a range of ‘try’ ‘swap’ or ‘change’ targets and see how many days of the week you can build that into your day¬† – why not give it a go and ask your child/ren to pick which target to have a go at?

Try, Swap, Change Planner

Please feel free to send any photos of your family’s work towards healthier and happier lifestyles via email to so we can share your fantastic choices!

Good Luck!


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