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The real benefits of Change4Life

Firstly, a huge welcome back to all of our pupils, we have been overwhelmed with the positivity radiating from the children and their attitude to learning and engagement at school.

Now that we hope we can see the light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel, what better time to make some small changes to improve our wellbeing, our health and our fitness. After months of being stuck at home, this first step in the direction towards normality of schools opening up seems like the ideal time to make a change to improve your children’s wellness.

Most of us have heard of Change4Life and have seen the TV adverts with the colourful characters but I’m sure not many of us have explored their website and actually taken note of what they have to offer. I myself am guilty of this so have spent some time exploring their site and all it’s features to share with you what is on offer that will most definitely engage our pupils.

Indoor activity ideas to get moving and reduce screen time reliance

There are a range of ideas for indoor activities to get the children moving and include Disney themed 10 minute shake ups. Not all of these have a video instruction but have simple step by step guides as to how to play or set up the activity. I like the sound of Zootropolis: Gazelle’s Try Everything, Beauty & the Beast: LeFou’s line up and Cars: Mater’s Tow Truck Trail.

Food Scanner app

Get the children involved in the weekly shop – it’s the highlight of many people’s week at present! – by using the food scanner app to see the sugar content of different products and see suggested sugar swaps too. It’s child friendly and interactive to make them part of the decision making.

Takeaway top tips and Fakeaway recipes

The link below includes some great tips for how to enjoy a takeaway treat but make small changes to reduce the fat or calorie content. There are also great ‘Fakeaway’ recipe ideas for those brave enough to create their own treat nights at home that are instantly healthier due to no deep frying or excess preservatives etc.

Healthier Takeaways and Ready Meals

Recipe ideas and Cook Together

Change4Life offers a free Cook Together program delivered directly to your inbox. You will receive 2 recipes a week for 4 weeks with instructions, videos and shopping lists which again is a great way to get the kids involved in what they’re eating. It is proven that this increases their interest in trying new things and being more adventurous with food.

A-Z of Sporting activities

With the world beginning to slowly open up again, you might be thinking about your children attending clubs – the Change4Life A-Z sports list not only gives you and your children inspiration of things to try but has direct links to sport sites to locate clubs in your area ranging from Athletics to Yoga and Skateboarding to Martial Arts.

It is recommended that kids should aim for 60 minutes of activity a day, try to ensure they achieve this to support them in developing healthy habits and boost their mood and wellbeing. If you would like any 1:1 support to improve your child’s health, fitness, weight or activity then please do get in touch with me as I can help directly or seek the support of our fab school nursing team.

Let’s get happy and healthy – good luck!

Megan Chapman