Hello from Miss Chapman

A big hello from me – Miss Chapman – in these rather unusual circumstances to be joining the St Peter’s Community! It has been lovely for me to be able to get to know some of our families who have been accessing school during the closures and I’m really looking forward to getting to know everybody else when things begin to return to normal.

A little bit about me – you may already know that I attended St. Peter’s myself as a child and I am thrilled to be able to return and be a part of the school’s community. I came from a Portsmouth school working in a similar role so I have lots of useful experience with supporting families for a variety of reasons. Outside of school, I have a little Cockapoo called Polly who I love taking to her agility club and I also help at a local Brownies on a Thursday. Please feel free to ask me about this if you have a daughter aged 7-10 as we would love to have some new recruits when the situation allows!

In light of the current environment, I have found a few useful resources for a range of purposes:

  • A child-friendly social story with activities to explain what Coronavirus is and also reassure children around their feelings about any fears they have in relation to Coronavirus; see the link below.


  • If you or somebody you know if suffering any form of domestic abuse, the link below lists multiple support services and helplines who you can reach out to.


  • Online safety and screen time is an on going issue at home during ‘normality’ so with the extra time spent indoors we recognise the battle becomes harder again. Below is a link to some fantastic resources to show you how to limit screen time and monitor usage on devices such as: iPhones, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and others.


I look forward to meeting you all in the future and remind your children how much of a positive impact they’re having by being Stay-at-Home Heroes!

Best Wishes,

Miss Chapman


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