Monthly Archives: October, 2019

Talking Mental Health

Following on from the national Mental Health Awareness week, we have been talking about mental health in class. We have been considering how physical health is easier to see and deal with at times and how mental health is sometimes harder to talk about and share with others.

Mrs Pelling, the Child and Family Support Worker, has been visiting classes and using the excellent resources designed by the Anna Freud Children and Family Centre. They explain what mental health is in simple terms; mental health is about our feelings, our thinking, our emotions and our moods. Looking after our mental health is important. We all have mental health.

We have watched a short animation that was made by children and talks about small and big feelings. We have thought about how we can help ourselves in school and at home and who is in our circle of support around us.

We have also been watching the A-Z video made by CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) to give the children some ideas about how to help themselves when they have a worry.

The following links lead you to some of the resources we have been using;