Preparing for the Summer Holidays

The following is taken from Young Minds charity;

For lots of us, the summer holidays provide relaxing days, a chance to catch up with friends and fun
activities. But for some children, it’s a stretch of boring days, with little to do and few highlights.
For many families there may not be the time or money to do what their children want. Some pupils may be nervous about school breaking up for summer and the lack of routine this provides.

So it might be helpful to explore some cheap and easy activities with your children. If you have a bit
of spare time, or a computer to set them a task to research activities to do over the summer?
Your children could start to plan:
1. Go green
Think about all the green spaces there are locally and what activities go on during the break.
What can be done alone or with a group of friends?
2. Explore the local community
Explore the local leisure centres, youth clubs and recreation grounds. Are there any activities
going on? What about ‘free swim’ days or other fun days put on by the local council?
3. Find a library
Research which libraries are open and when. Is there free access to computers? Are there any
clubs running over the summer?
4. Volunteer
Find out about local youth groups where you can volunteer – this is a good way of making
new friends
5. Become an author
Write and illustrate a book or zine using just some paper and pens/pencils. Research some
themes and inspiration.
6. Take on a challenge
Here are some ideas for activities that will take time and practice to accomplish:
– Learning to ride a bike
– Learning to swim
– Learning to roller skate or skateboard
– Learning a new language (there’s no need to join a class, or buy any books, local libraries may
have books, CDs or apps)
7. Keep in touch
Explore how to keep in touch with friends and classmates over the holiday – arrange meeting
up once a week at the local park, or shopping centre?
8. Watch a film
Find out about local cinemas which may show some films for free, or reduced prices for
children and young adults.
9. Learn something new
Visit local museums and/or galleries. Research which ones are nearby and free to visit.
10. Become a photographer
Take photos of your local area on a phone, or camera. If it’s difficult to access either, borrow
one from a friend, or family member, or create one from scratch with just card, tin foil, tape
and a paper clip.
Good luck!

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