Feeling the Pressures of Christmas?

We all watch those adverts that make Christmas look perfect but often the reality is that we are struggling to keep up with the pressure and are feeling the strain of it all.

Below is a link to the NHS giving us some useful tips on how to keep healthy at Christmas, including winter exercise tips and recipe ideas for leftovers;


Worry that the children are watching too much TV? Do you have access to a printer? Then the website ‘Activity Village’ has lots of ideas to keep them going whilst you are wrapping presents and making Christmas dinner; Christmas colouring, arts and crafts, Christmas mazes etc. https://www.activityvillage.co.uk/christmas

Don’t forget your local library!
Waterlooville Library in the Precinct is open Mon-Wed 9am-5pm, Thurs & Sat 9am-7pm and closed on Sundays. A trip to the library to stock up on books before the Christmas holiday could be time very well spent. Children are allowed to take out 30 books at a time and this is a fantastic way to keep the children engaged and enjoying their reading over the holiday. You can join online, or in person, at any Hampshire library. You do not need any identification to join. You could use the printer there too whilst you’re at it!

If it’s all getting too much, try some relaxation techniques. Copy and paste the link below to find some helpful suggestions on how to relax and take the stress out of it all;

When it finally arrives-Happy Christmas!

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