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Want to get in shape for the Summer Holidays?

Havant Family Support Services have been in touch to tell us about a great offer Weight Watchers and Hampshire County Council are offering. They have teamed up together and are offering 12 weeks of Weight Watchers sessions for FREE if;

  • You are 18+ and
  • You have a Body Mass Index of 30+, or BMI of 28 with other health problems.

To see if you qualify for this special offer call 0345 602 7068 and quote the reference WWRS095/poster. If you’re not sure of your BMI they will help you find out.

Good luck!

(This is being funded by Public Health in HCC. If you qualify, you can save up to £60 and will be supported by a Weight Watchers Coach.)



Snapchat alert!

‘Snapchat’ is a well known image messaging and multimedia mobile application popular with thousands of children. The BBC News team have recently highlighted hidden dangers in the form of a new feature called ‘Snap Map.’ This allows the user to access a map/location finder to share their location with ‘friends.’ This has understandably raised questions about safeguarding and nationally many parents and carers are concerned.
For more information the news article can be found at;
For more on how ‘Snapchat’ works and information on its privacy settings, please refer to;




Supporting Children Worried about Recent News

Dear Parents and carers
Please follow the link below for more advice from the NSPCC on how best to answer questions regarding terrorism and recent news events.