Year 4 Australian Dusk explorers

The Year 4 children learnt about the firflies of Australia and then, using this knowledge, created their ‘Dusk Explorer’ pictures.  The pictures show the silhouettes of people who have spent the evening gleefully ctaching fireflies in jar and using them as a light source.

I think they look tremendous…don’t you?

Year 1 Penguins attention! Penguins begin….

The talented Year One artists created these cute penguins, as part of their study about Antarctica.  The children then paraded them onto the field for our Carnival of the World.

Which penguin is the cutest?…..You decide!

Hero Stamp Design Competition…Who is YOUR hero?

Here is just a small selection of the sensational stamps that the children created.

Our school is delighted to be taking part in Royal Mail’s Heroes Stamp Design Competition,
honouring the heroes of the coronavirus pandemic.
Eight pupils from primary and secondary schools across the UK will become the designers
of this stamp set, and one could be a child from St Peter’s!


Key information:

  • Eight designs will be chosen for this stamp series from Royal Mail.
  • One of the designs could be yours.
  • Her Majesty The Queen will approve the winning stamp designs before they are printed and issued.
  • There are 120 great prizes on offer for area winners and runners up.
  • Plus, cash prizes for the winning schools too.

We will be designing and creating our stamps, in school, during our Art lessons.  However, there is nothing stopping you think about your stamp design and even having a practise at home.  Please feel free to bring any ideas and artwork, linked to this exciting competition, to your next art lesson

Who is your hero?

  • Have a think about the heroes over the past year.
  • Which hero or heroes will you honour on your stamp?

The design is completely your choice, but here are some ideas:

  • Captain Sir Tom Moore
  • NHS Staff
  • Teachers
  • Refuse Collectors
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Emergency Service
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Supermarket Workers
  • Public Transport Workers
  • Many other groups of people such as vaccine scientists, military personnel and food bank volunteers have also worked non-stop to keep the country moving.
  • A family member who has helped you.


Year 1 – Dr Seuss…..One fish, Two fish

We read the Dr Seuss book, One Fish, Two Fish……

……we then created our own fish, in the style of Dr Seuss, using chalk pastels and oil pastels.  Year 1 concentrated SO well and the finished work is splendid.


Year 4 The Gurdwara – a Sikh place of worship.

The children learnt about Bandi Chhor Divas (“Day of Liberation”) and how it is important to the Sikh religion.  The children then created dioramas and included a Gurdwara, which is a Sikh place of worship.  The really enjoyed creating their dioramas and the end results are an absolute delight!

Year 6 – Jewish meaning of Shalom

The children learnt that, in Hebrew, the word SHALOM means peace, or complete.  The children then created a piece of artwork to represent these meanings.  They chose what media they wanted and the results are spectacular!  Do you have a favourite?


Year 1 Prayer Mats

The children enjoyed learning about prayer mats. Prayer mats are important in Muslim prayer as they keep the worshipper comfy and clean and can show you where Mecca is if it has a compass.

The children then designed their own prayer mats…which look amazing!

Year 2 Rangoli patterns

The children learnt about the Festival of Holi. Holi marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It is usually celebrated in March. In 2021 Holi will begin on Monday March 29.

The children created their own rangoli patterns, using coloured salt.  It was fiddly, but great fun!

The House in the Night

 We had a wonderful morning, in Year 6, creating these mesmerising House in the Night pictures.


Year 5 Rainy day in London

London, has a skyline full of iconic architecture, from Big Ben to the London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral. In this lesson, we created a layered London cityscape with some of those iconic sites simplified into marker line drawings. We then gave our cityscape a rainy day look by painting over their marker with water. This fun, simple technique made our cityscape come alive! Finally, we collaged red objects, such as a double decker bus and post boxes, onto our cityscape. 

The children in class concentrated well and really enjoyed this lesson and I think you will agree the end results are simply stunning!


Wow! What a truly wonderful rainy day picture of London that Emelia has produced.  How clever she is to do such a colourful background, which matches the bus, taxi and phone box.  Excellent work Emelia – well done!

Oh my goodness!  This rainy day picture of London, by Olivia, is a true work of art! It is clear that she spent a great deal of time and patience to create this picture…but it was worth it, as the end result is simply stunning.

I just love this rainy day picture of London that Aurora has created…it’s very mesmerising!  Top job Aurora and thanks for sharing!

This rainy day picture of London, by Henry is terrific! I think there is a lot of detail in the picture and I think his drawing of Tower Bridge, in particular, is amazing. Thanks for sharing this Henry.

Wow! Wow! Wow!  Just look at this detailed drawing of the Castle Bran in Transylvania, Romania…this is often referred to as Dracula’s castle. Calin has done an outstanding job and has also drawn the Arch de Triumph in Bucharest, Romania.  Fantastic work Calin and thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Dominika has done this delightful picture of London, complete with the London Eye and Big Ben. Great work Dominika!

Diyona has decided to do something a little different, which is great, and created a beautiful New York skyline, that is basking in the sun.  Well done Diyona!

Look at this stunning skyline picture that Riya has created.  I just love her choice of bright, vibrant colours that make the buildings really stand out. Amazing detailed drawing Riya – thanks for sharing.

Cian has created this eye-catching picture of London’s skyline, which is absolutely superb! Well done Cian.