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Year 4 The Gurdwara – a Sikh place of worship.

The children learnt about Bandi Chhor Divas (“Day of Liberation”) and how it is important to the Sikh religion.  The children then created dioramas and included a Gurdwara, which is a Sikh place of worship.  The really enjoyed creating their dioramas and the end results are an absolute delight!

Year 6 – Jewish meaning of Shalom

The children learnt that, in Hebrew, the word SHALOM means peace, or complete.  The children then created a piece of artwork to represent these meanings.  They chose what media they wanted and the results are spectacular!  Do you have a favourite?


Year 1 Prayer Mats

The children enjoyed learning about prayer mats. Prayer mats are important in Muslim prayer as they keep the worshipper comfy and clean and can show you where Mecca is if it has a compass.

The children then designed their own prayer mats…which look amazing!

Year 2 Rangoli patterns

The children learnt about the Festival of Holi. Holi marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It is usually celebrated in March. In 2021 Holi will begin on Monday March 29.

The children created their own rangoli patterns, using coloured salt.  It was fiddly, but great fun!

The House in the Night

 We had a wonderful morning, in Year 6, creating these mesmerising House in the Night pictures.


Year 5 Rainy day in London

London, has a skyline full of iconic architecture, from Big Ben to the London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral. In this lesson, we created a layered London cityscape with some of those iconic sites simplified into marker line drawings. We then gave our cityscape a rainy day look by painting over their marker with water. This fun, simple technique made our cityscape come alive! Finally, we collaged red objects, such as a double decker bus and post boxes, onto our cityscape. 

The children in class concentrated well and really enjoyed this lesson and I think you will agree the end results are simply stunning!


Wow! What a truly wonderful rainy day picture of London that Emelia has produced.  How clever she is to do such a colourful background, which matches the bus, taxi and phone box.  Excellent work Emelia – well done!

Oh my goodness!  This rainy day picture of London, by Olivia, is a true work of art! It is clear that she spent a great deal of time and patience to create this picture…but it was worth it, as the end result is simply stunning.

I just love this rainy day picture of London that Aurora has created…it’s very mesmerising!  Top job Aurora and thanks for sharing!

This rainy day picture of London, by Henry is terrific! I think there is a lot of detail in the picture and I think his drawing of Tower Bridge, in particular, is amazing. Thanks for sharing this Henry.

Wow! Wow! Wow!  Just look at this detailed drawing of the Castle Bran in Transylvania, Romania…this is often referred to as Dracula’s castle. Calin has done an outstanding job and has also drawn the Arch de Triumph in Bucharest, Romania.  Fantastic work Calin and thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Dominika has done this delightful picture of London, complete with the London Eye and Big Ben. Great work Dominika!

Diyona has decided to do something a little different, which is great, and created a beautiful New York skyline, that is basking in the sun.  Well done Diyona!

Look at this stunning skyline picture that Riya has created.  I just love her choice of bright, vibrant colours that make the buildings really stand out. Amazing detailed drawing Riya – thanks for sharing.

Cian has created this eye-catching picture of London’s skyline, which is absolutely superb! Well done Cian.

Year 3 Caribbean Sunset

Inspired by the beautiful ocean and sunsets found in the Caribbean, this lesson focused on using lines to create movement, experimenting with watercolour techniques to create texture and incorporating a foreground and background to create space.

The children in school loved this lesson and the results are simply breath taking….


Luke has created a totally mesmerising Caribbean sunset picture.  He has done an outstanding job to make the wave look like it is moving. Wonderful work Luke and thanks for sharing.

Matilda has done an amazing picture of her Caribbean sunset…the whole picture looks fabulous.  Well done Matilda!

Wow!  I think this Caribbean sunset picture, by Jonathan is truly beautiful…I love it.  Thanks for sharing it with us Jonathan.

Happy St David’s Day

James and Phoebe have done an outstanding job creating these beautiful daffodil pictures together.  They have worked hard and the end result is simply stunning. Great work James and Phoebe and thanks so much for sharing them with us!

Goodness me!  Look at this fabulous daffodil that Krish has created, using a variety of materials.  Krish, you have done an amazing job – thanks for sharing this with us!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Just look at these delightful daffodils that Melody has created.  She has done a beautiful painting and a stunning 3D daffodil.  Very well done Melody…and I just love your tiger face paint!

Maisie and Megan celebrated St David’s Day by creating these stunning tissue paper daffodils.  Well done girls and thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Alana knew that it was St David’s Day, so did her own research and discovered that the daffodil is the symbol of Wales.  Independently, she then made the terrific 3D daffodil.  Wonderful work, as always Alana.

Our Reception children concentrated really well and careful drew and then painted these daffodils.  I was really impressed with the children and the end results are just amazing!

Art Gallery March

Wow! I just love these drawings, by Dominika.  It is clear to see that she has a real talent and she just keeps practising to improve even more.  I really like the ‘Do-nut Day’ picture… although it’s making me hungry!
Dominika has done this marvellous drawing of the Mermaid statue, which is just outside Warsaw, in Poland.  As you can see she has done an amazing observational drawing.  Well done Dominika and thanks for sharing.
Alana has been creating again… this time making her own solar system.  This is what her mum wrote:    Alana made a model of the solar system. She researched the sizes of each planet in respect to the others and tried to make some sort of scale for this. Then made the planets out of tin foil and coloured card. We didn’t have two hangers spare to make it a 3D model so she hung them in the correct order of planet from her balloon sun. Well done Alana…is there no end to your creative talent?

 Edie has used Play Doh to create these teeth and they are very realistic.

Thank goodness the sun is shining as I write this and my teeth aren’t chattering!

Reception…A High Five!

The Reception children were set the challenge of doing some art around the theme of ‘a high five’.  They rose to the challenge very well and the results are amazing!

In school we mixed red and yellow paint to create hues of orange and then painted our hands to make these handprint suns. We had great fun doing this!

Wow! Just look at these two fabulous handprint paintings, by Megan. Both her flamingo and lion are absolutely terrific and I know she was help by her big sister, Maisie. Great work Megan and Maisie and thanks for sharing!


Mia has created this pair of cute octopus handprints.  I think they look absolutely smashing!

Chris has been busy creating these painted handprint pictures.  The blue monster one is wonderful and the multicoloured handprint is simply stunning!

Wow! Rosabella has done a top job creating this super handprint car. It looks simply amazing and reminds me of the Mr Men and Little Misses cars. Very well done Rosabella!

I just adore this colourful, handprint volcano that Krish has created. It is absolutely stunning Krish, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Liam has done an astounding job creating  this splendid sonic the hedgehog from handprints.  He has even used handprints for the grass and the sun in the sky.  Top job Liam…well done!

Wow! Just look at this wonderful collection of handprint paintings that Ana has created.  It’s very difficult for me to chose a favourite, as they are all so bright and colourful.  Fantastic Ana – very well done!

Oh my goodness!  Look at this spectacular handprint peacock that Melody created.  She wanted to make it as colourful as possible and she has achieved that…it’s amazing Melody.  Well done!

Wow! I love this handprint picture by James…just look how carefully he has painted and decorated it….

…and his big sister Phoebe couldn’t resist joining in.  What a great job the two of you have done!

My goodness this handprint octopus by Katherine is simply stunning.  I love the way it has been painted with bright, vivid colours and the fingerprint dots gives it a real ‘watery’ feel. Amazing job Katherine and thanks for sharing!

I just love this elephant that Sophie has created using her hand – what a very clever idea to use her thumb as the trunk! I so love the decorated cloth on the elephant’s back.  Great work Sophie!

These beautiful handprint birds have been created by Emily and I think they are just fabulous! The sun, bee and birds in the background make me think that spring is on it’s way.  Thank you Emily!

Wow! Seb enjoyed getting ‘messy’ as he created these two awesome handprint pictures.  Both the dinosaur and octopus pictures are amazing.  Well done Seb!

Arianna has done a sensation job with her ‘high five’ creations.  As you can see, she has spent a great deal of time making them, but I am so glad she did as the end results are stunning! ….

…Her sister, Isabella, couldn’t resist joining in too!  Well done Arianna and Isabella –  thank you for sharing these with us.