Wow! Wow! Wow!  This spectacular deer that Rosie (Year 1) has created really is a ‘work of art’! Ash you can see, she had to make it in stages and be really patience, but her hard work paid off because the end result is outstanding! Brilliant work Rosie and thank you so much for sharing this with us…and of course Father Jeremy!

Nell has diligently painted these stones, for Father Jeremy, which include a few of his favourite things! I think they looks fabulous…don’t you? Fantastic Nell – thanks for sharing!


Look at this astonishing portrait of Father Jeremy that Islwyn (Year 6) has drawn. It is clear that he has made a careful study of Father Jeremy’s features and included a lot of detail in his drawing.  Bravo Islwyn and thanks for sharing!

Following in the footsteps of his brother, Mostyn (Year 3) has drawn a superb portrait of Father Jeremy too! I think it looks just like him, especially that wonderful smile.  Great work Mostyn and thanks for sharing.

Wow!  I am super impressed with this stone portrait of Father Jeremy…it looks just like him!  The artist behind this creation is Calin (Year 4) and he has done a a terrific job.  Well done Calin and thanks for sharing….please keep hold of it…I know  Father Jeremy will love it!

Wow! What a wonderful pop-up card that Alana has created to pay tribute to Father Jeremy and his 45 years as a priest.  The time and effort that she has put into making this has paid off because it looks fabulous! Bravo Alana and thank you for sharing this with us…and Father Jeremy!

This is Andrew’s  sketch of the Sacred Heart Church for Father Jeremy, he says  “It  shows the church making a stairway to heaven appear from the cross of the church.”  I think it looks fantastic Andrew – thank you so much for sharing this with us!


Knowing that Father Jeremy enjoys nature, Ben (Year 3) decided to paint a trio of nature pictures.  The first is a scene from Madagascar with mango trees and a volcano! The second is a sea scene with lots of hammerheads, stingray and lion fish ……


…Finally , there is this painting of  Father Jeremy’s  church with a cow outside as you may find in the countryside.  What a fitting tribute for Father Jeremy, Ben.  Thank you for sharing these with us.

Goodness me!  Look at this wonderful plaque that Riya (Year 4) has created for Father Jeremy. She a clearly put in a great deal of time and effort to create this stunning masterpiece.  Very well done Riya and thanks for sharing!

What a truly delightful painting by Fern (Year 5), which celebrates Father Jeremy’s 45 Years as a priest… I especially like the words ’45 Years of changing lives’  Brilliant work Fern and thank you so much for sharing this with us.


Look at this fabulous poster that Emma (Year 4) has created to express her feeling and congratulate Father Jeremy. I think it looks truly amazing!  Very well done Emma and thank you for sharing this.

I just love Eva’s (Year 5) poster that has facts about Father Jeremy, including, ‘Last but not least he is the best priest I have ever had!’ What wonderful words Eva…thanks for sharing this with us.

Wow!  What a remarkable collage that pays tribute to Father Jeremy…I think it is simply stunning!  This is what their mum wrote: “We wanted to do something special to celebrate Father Jeremy’s anniversary. Although Kian wasn’t here when we created it, he has read a lot for Father in the past and it wouldn’t seem right not including him in this. Dillon did the 4, I did the 5 and Conor researched for photos, printed, stuck on and touched up the poster. So, again, a team effort. “ Here, here to that! This creative family always make such an effort for these art challenges.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us….and Father Jeremy.

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