Art Challenge For Father Jeremy


Hello! What another funny week with weather… I attempted to have a BBQ on Sunday, but spent a lot of time chasing around the garden retrieving the furniture! I’ve had a busy week, working in school with Reception children.  As you have seen on the Blog, they have been learning about SPACE…which they have really enjoyed. I am still exploring the local area and this week I have been on walks along the shoreline at Portchester, the Billy Line and Clanfield.

Art Challenge For Father Jeremy:

Father Jeremy has got a very special celebration coming up on 26th July this year. He will be celebrating 45 years since his ordination into the priesthood.  I think this is a remarkable achievement and should be marked by your incredible artwork. Therefore, your Art challenge for the next fortnight is to produce a piece of art for Father Jeremy.  This can take any form you like from street art, a drawing, a decorated stone, a portrait, collage or even some edible art! As well as being a priest, Father Jeremy has a wide range of interests including walking, reading and nature.  So let you creative juices flow and come up with something spectacular….I know you will!



As I have mentioned, this is a two week challenge and I would ask that, as well as me displaying your art on the Blog, would you please keep hold of it (yes even sculptures you may make), so that I can collect it from you, when we are all back in school and put it in a book and then present it to Father Jeremy.

As always, you can still send any other art work to me and I will post that on the Blog too.

Please email your artwork to me:

Thank you

Keep creating and keep safe!


Mrs Pearson


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