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Well, not only does this pirate ship and treasure chest picture look amazing. but it actually moves!  The ships sails across the ocean to reach the treasure.  The artist is Islwyn (Year 6), who is a regular contributor to the Art Blog and this is another stunning piece of art. Brilliant work Islwyn and thank you for sharing this with us.

Wow! What an amazing aeroplane that Calin (Year 4) has drawn.  He has really taken him time and added lots of detail.  Top job Calin and thanks for sharing!

Wow!  What a totally amazing boat that Phoebe (Year 3) has made.  I love the sea colours that she has chosen to decorate it with.  Bravo Phoebe and thank you for sharing this with us!

Every week these brothers do the Art Challenge and each week they blow me away with their creativity.  This week they decide to use LEGO and create vehicles that go on land, sea and in the sky.  Here is Kian (Year 6) with a brilliant boat, which he has carefully made with lots of added features….

Next is this amazing hot air balloon by Conor (Year 4), complete with the basket to carry the passengers….

Last and by no means least is Dillon (Year 1) who has made this terrific truck, with wonderful wheels and windows.  Well done boys and thank you so much for always rising to the Art challenges!

Oh my goodness!  This aeroplane by Aaron (Year 5) is just spectacular. It has been so well drawn and painted  – I love it! Fantastic work Aaron and thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Oliver (Year 5) and Tommy (Year 4) have created a wonderful array of vehicles, using LEGO and I think they look fantastic.  Well done boys and thanks for sharing!

Goodness me Eva (Year 5)  never fails to amaze me with her amazing artwork and as you can see, she has done it again with these fantastic drawings of a bus and car. What a talented artist – thanks for sharing Eva!

Wow! Another outstanding piece of artwork by Emma (Year 4).  This week she has created this amazing 3D car.  I think it looks truly spectacular….I would like a car just like this! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Emma. Both sisters were ‘helped’ by Honey their cute cockatiel.  I think these photos  with Honey perched on their heads are just brilliant…it looks like a hat that I would wear to Ascot!

Sabrina (Year 5) has done a splendid job creating this spectacular home on Minecraft.  Well done Sabrina and thanks for sharing!

What an absolutely amazing travelling circus that Emi (Year 4) has created.  I know it took her a great deal of effort, but I’m so glad she persevered because the end result is astounding! Fantastic work Emi and thank you for sharing this with us.

I’m so impressed with this brilliant bicycle that Humphrey (Year 1) has drawn. He has really taken his time and added a lot of detail.  Well done Humphrey and thanks for sharing!


Goodness me!  Look at this incredible vehicle that Riya (Year 4) has made entirely out of Lego.  She must have a great deal of patience to make such a spectacular mini-bus, complete with lights…I LOVE IT!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is an edible ‘work of art’!  I am writing this before eating my dinner and my mouth is watering and my tummy is rumbling! Olivia (Year 4) has made this spectacular London bus cake and it looks totally awesome! This is what her mum wrote: ” We used lots of different sweets to decorate the bus including – Smarties for headlights, chocolate buttons for people, Oreo cookies for the wheels, White milky bar for the windows and cola laces. We had a lot of fun creating this and lots of left over sweets to eat 😀
Now we need to try the cake ”   What a talented baker…I’m sure we may see Olivia on Great British Bake Off in the future!  I’m just disappointed that I can’t sample this delicious looking cake!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us Olivia!

This fantastic bus has been drawn by Brayden (Year 4). What a wonderful job he has done and I particularly like the way he has carefully added the wheels and doors.  Bravo Brayden and thanks for sharing.

This is splendid! Mostyn (Year 3) has done every Art challenge and completed them to a high standard and this one is no exception. He decided to make a moving picture with a pirate theme! The pirate boat sails across the ocean! What an inspiring idea Mostyn – I’m sure this will encourage others to have a go.  Thank you for sharing this with us.

Goodness me!  Look at another creation by the amazing Alana (Year 4).  This time she has gone all out and created this brilliant London bus, complete with wheels and windows. Just imagine all the sights you could see travelling around London on a bus like this.  Spectacular work, as always, Alana – thanks for sharing!

This bicycle is simply stunning! Emily (Year 5) has done an amazing job of making and constructing this bike.  As you can see, she has taken a great deal of time and patience to make and the assemble each part of the bike.  I also love the colours that she has chosen for her background.  Bravo Emily and thanks for sharing!

Wow! William (Year 3) has done a truly spectacular job in drawing of his favourite car, an AUDI R8.  As you can see, he has put a lot of detail into it and it is one of my favourite colours for a car.  Wonderful work William…thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Oh my goodness!  This surfer’s van, complete with a surfboard on the roof, is amazing. It is clear that George (Year 3) has spent a long time creating it as it looks sensational!  Brilliant work George and thanks for sharing!

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