Sweet shop and Habitats!

This week we turned the Reception area into a sweet shop

Here are some of the staff and customers

The classroom became a sweet factory and new sweets were designed, by our top ‘confectioners’.  Mrs Pearson came up with the ‘great’ idea of vegetable lollipops, such as carrot, beetroot and spinach.  However, the children weren’t too keen on that idea and came up with their own ideas.  Among my favourites were a mermaid ice lolly, a unicorn ice lolly  and a refreshing watermelon and popping candy ice lolly…yum!

Here are a selection of our sweets and lollies.


We have also being learning about habitats.  We read the Gruffalo together and then searched for the right materials to make homes for the mouse, the fox, the owl, the snake and of course the Gruffalo!

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